Betrayal at Falador alternate cover This article or section contains information from Betrayal at Falador, Return to Canifis, and/or Legacy of Blood.
It is generally considered canon, unless contradicted in-game, in which case the game takes precedence.
Race Human
Gender Female
Status Alive (kidnapped)
Faction Guthixian
First appearance Betrayal at Falador
Last appearance Legacy of Blood

Arisha is a character in the RuneScape novels. Arisha was a Guthixian priestess in Gunnarsgrunn.

Arisha was enlisted to guide Squire Theodore, Gar'rth, Kara-Meir, Castimir, Ebenezer, and Doric to the Monastery in northern Asgarnia, near the Wilderness border.

Arisha played a minor role in the Battle of the Monastery, but her lack of training meant she could not face the Kinshra and chaos dwarf troops. She eventually fled with the surviving monks, travelling east to Edgeville in Misthalin.

She also served as part of the Morytanian Embassy.

She has a romantic relationship with the wizard Castimir, which following his expulsion from the Wizards' Tower they have both fully embraced. Due to the animosity that barbarians have towards wizards, there would be little approval of such a relationship, to the extent that Kuhn claims paternity of Arisha's child.

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