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The Armadyl communiqué is a letter received by players who betrayed Lucien in the Temple of Ikov quest. The communiqué warns that the Staff of Armadyl is in danger again.

A player receives it some time after getting more than 225 quest points along with completion of In Aid of the Myreque. There may be another requirement, as there have been reports of players who have sided with the Guardians of Armadyl during the Temple of Ikov yet still have not received this item.

Free players who completed the Temple of Ikov quest as a member also receive this item, and it is not classed as a members' only object and can be read on free worlds. If players drop this item there is no way to receive another.

It was later revealed that the note is a teaser and precursor to the grandmaster quest, While Guthix Sleeps.


The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Armadyl communiqué.

Dear (Adventurer),

Alas, I regret to inform you of a dire situation, which I know you worked hard to prevent. My name is Idria. I'm a leader of sorts, of the Guardians of Armadyl. I realise that you made a supreme effort in preventing Lucien from gaining the Staff of Armadyl.

Please accept my gratitude for your efforts in this endeavour, however, it seems that the resourceful Lucien has found another route to our beloved treasure. We believe a certain treasure hunter by the name of Movario had something to do with this but, of course, there is no proof.

For my own part, I wish you well and advise you be on your guard against Lucien's machinations.

Yours most respectfully,



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