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Armadylean bodyguards are warriors who fight for Armadyl to protect armadylean caravans so that they can be filled up with divine energy for Armadyl to use on Bandos during The Bird and the Beast. One of the bodyguards protecting the caravan will always be an Aviansie, which is tougher than the standard bodyguards.

Human-only versions of them may also be seen in skirmishes, using melee or ranged weapons to fight bandosian battle-mages, bodyguards and ambushers.


Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Sacred metal fragmentsSacred metal fragments1–200UncommonNot sold
Orkish claw componentOrkish claw component1RareNot sold
Orkish shield componentOrkish shield component1RareNot sold
Orkish wand componentOrkish wand component1RareNot sold
Orkish throwing axe componentOrkish throwing axe component1RareNot sold


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