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Gee'ka is an aviansie native to Abbinah, who has come to Gielinor with the avian god Armadyl to support him in his fight with Bandos. She appears during the second world event, "The Bird and the Beast".

When spoken to, she states she is from Taka'ra's tribe, and endured the same struggles as the rest of the tribe until Armadyl returned to Abbinah and reunited with them. After that, she came to Gielinor and learned about golems and how to create them. Thus, she has taken a position of constructing Armadylean golems to help fight in battle.

Players can vote to choose the specific parts of a golem to give them a specific effect, or to raise their powers offensively or defensively. She also states that her golems are made from strong parts of 'recently deceased large beasts' to create a skeleton, and then add machine parts, armour and weaponry to them before having Armadyl animate them to become a war machine.

She claims that a Bandosian thug stole her idea of creating war golems for her chosen god.


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