Artefacts are quest items used during Another Slice of H.A.M.. There are six artefacts, all of which are obtained during the first stage of the quest by digging in the unfinished train tunnel in Dorgesh-Kaan using a trowel.

The artefacts can be cleaned by using a specimen brush and will then turn into one of the following items: a shield fragment, a helmet shard, an axe head, a sword fragment, an ancient mace or an armour shard. These items must be given to Tegdak the goblin.

ItemCleaned version
Artefact (armour) Artefact (armour)Armour shard
Artefact (sword) Artefact (sword)Sword fragment
Artefact (helmet) Artefact (helmet)Helmet shard
Artefact (mace) Artefact (mace)Mace (H.A.M.)
Artefact (hatchet) Artefact (hatchet)Hatchet head
Artefact (shield) Artefact (shield)Shield fragment
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