Artisans' workshop respect enhancer detail

The Artisans' workshop respect enhancer is a rewards enhancer that can be received from the Motherlode Maw's daily random reward if the player has a total level of at least 2585. Is is also possible to obtain one by trading Wythien ten crystal motherlode shards, or by talking to Wythien to convert an unfocused reward enhancer to a Artisans' workshop respect enhancer, but it will only have 100 charges instead of 200.

When the enhancer is in the player's inventory, they will gain twice as much Respect from Artisans Workshop. The enhancer has 200 charges to start with, and a charge is used whenever you make something in the workshop. Some actions use more than one charge; for example, repairing the pipes uses up 3 charges. The enhancer will disappear when all the charges have been used up.

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