Ascendancy mine detail

The ascendancy mine is an item unlocked after 500 boss kills in the Dominion Tower. Upon claiming 10 mines from the Strange face, another 500 bosses must be defeated to obtain more. Therefore a player should claim their mines after every 500 kills to maximise the number of mines owned. Claiming this reward will not reset the total number of bosses killed.

The mine can only be used against certain quest bosses, although it cannot be used in the Dominion Tower. It does 2000 damage, though this varies between bosses. It seems that there is no limit to the number of mines that can be used on a boss, however they cannot deal the finishing blow. Two mines may be placed in a minute; a notification will appear in the chat window when the minute is up.

Since Ascendancy mines cannot be used within the Dominion Tower, if one has defeated all of these quest bosses outside of Dominion Tower, these mines have no current use.

The Ascendancy mine is unaffected by bosses with damage caps and will still hit 2000 on Nomad even though he is capped at 750.

The following boss monsters are affected by the mines:


  • Despite the examine text implies it affects big enemies, only some bosses could be damaged with it, including some small ones like The Illusive.
  • When deployed, the examine text is "Tread carefully."
  • The deploy animation is the old animation of burying bones.
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