Ascension shard detail

Ascension shards are received from killing monsters in the Monastery of Ascension. 100 shards are required to create an ascension crossbow or its off-hand variant, along with a dragon crossbow and all six ascension signets. At level 90 Fletching they can be fletched into ascension bolts.

At 92 Fletching, 25 shards can be used with one set of Ancient bones at the workbench of a player-owned port to create a set of 25 Death lotus darts or their off-hand variant.

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Legio Primus30416–26Always
Legio Quartus30416–26Always
Legio Quintus30416–26Always
Legio Secundus30416–26Always
Legio Sextus30416–26Always
Legio Tertius30416–26Always


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