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Asgarnia is one of the three largest human kingdoms in Gielinor, and one of the most politically influential. Like Kandarin, it is much younger than Misthalin, having been founded in the Fifth Age. Despite this, Asgarnia is now a vastly important and often visited country, enjoying a great deal of trade and tourism.

Asgarnian areas prior of the foundation of Asgarnian kingdom

Little is known from these areas at the time of the First Age. It is said that Guthix had placed the World Gate east of White Wolf Mountain, meaning the first humans to come to Gielinor arrived in what is now Asgarnia.

During mid to late Second Age, a large part of Asgarnian area was part of the Zarosian empire. During that time, a fortress named Lassar was built on top of the Ice Mountain. Other settlements during that time are not known.

God Wars ravaged the areas. Former settlements were destroyed. In the late Third Age, the Barrows Brothers led a campaign to conquer the Asgarnian territory, possibly meaning Saradominist forces would hold out there for the remainder of the wars.

The Founding of Asgarnia

Taverley stone circle

Taverley's stone circle.

The exact date of Asgarnia's foundation is unclear, though most scholars agree that it was some time in the Fifth Age. The town of Taverley dates to at least the early Fourth however, and their Stone circles are believed to have been the corner stone of civilisation in the western parts of the country.

Before the country came to be, a number of small townships, ports[1], and tribes existed in its place, serving under no particular banner and each looking out for themselves. However, upon the rediscovery of Runestones, and the erection of the Wizards' Tower in southern Misthalin, the two kingdoms began to rapidly expand. A Saradominist tribal ruler named King Raddallin united a number of the tribes in Asgarnia and formed the kingdom. He also began work on the city of Falador, which was completed shortly and became a large and prosperous capital city.

Raddallin was aided in the construction of the kingdom in particular by two of the most influential tribes of the area, the Kinshra, or Black Knights as they were sometimes known, who helped with the construction of Falador and Raddallin repaid by constructing a Fortress for them near the edge of the Wilderness, and the White Knights, bitter rivals of the Kinshra, who proved a great asset to Asgarnia on the battlefield and began to serve as Falador's main military force. Because of this, Raddallin constructed for them an even grander Castle within the confines of Falador, which made the Kinshra grow even more bitter towards the White Knights.

Political Differences

The two rival factions of the White Knights and the Kinshra continued for a few more years, but King Raddallin was able to keep them in control well enough. However, after his death, and his sickly son King Vallance took the throne, the rivalry became fiery, and nearly violent, The Kinshra were at a disadvantage when the Temple Knights showed their support for the White Knights.

In year 162 of the Fifth Age, King Vallance fell gravely ill. The White Knights, who operated within the Castle of his residence began to slowly shift power from the king to the White Knight forces within Asgarnia. In year 163, he declared that the Black Knights were no longer to have any power in Asgarnia, making them outlaws and thus eliminating all political opposition and gaining even more power in the affairs of the Kingdom. However when the prince of Asgarnia demanded he be put on the throne the white knights refused. So he broke off from Asgarnia adding to the chaos and already complicated political situation.

Lord Daquarius and Lord Sulla, the two leaders of the Kinshra of the time, infuriated at the unfair treatment of their tribe, declared war on the city of Falador. The conflict climaxed at the Siege of Falador, fought in Year 164 of the Fifth Age.

Siege of Falador

White knight castle entrance

The White Knights' Castle

The Kinshra, recruiting mercenary fighters from both the Garagorshuun and Thorobshuun tribes of the Goblin race, marched on the capital of Asgarnia, and the White Knights, aided by both the Burthorpe Imperial Guard and the Dwarven Black Guard, defended the city of Falador against them. The Kinshra fought furiously and battered down many defences of the city, After much bloodshed and losses on both sides of the battle, in which the ranks of the White Knights and their superiors, and political supporters the Temple Knights, were devastated, the White Knights claimed a close victory. The Kinshra, crushed and having lost 90% of their forces, fled back to their Fortress, and there they brooded, gathering their resources for revenge.


The Kinshra

The Kinshra are the most powerful of those competing with the White Knights around the Asgarnian region. After King Vallance was slowly shut out of rule, the only person standing between the White Knights and Black Knights conflict, was replaced by the White Knights leading the way for a bloody civil war. Since then, the White Knights have fought with the Kinshra for years, dividing Asgarnia. The Kinshra are the literal opposites of the White Knights, they are followers of Zamorak, fight in the name of chaos and are enemies of Saradomin and the White Knights. Since this split the region of Asgarnia has been left in a divided land from North to South.


Burthorpe and the Imperial Guard are in a divide between their brothers in Falador. The heir to the throne, the Burthorpe-born Crown Prince Anlaf, has been challenged in obtaining the throne due to the power of the White Knights. They once decided to start trade between Burthorpe and Falador, but was thwarted by Lord Daquarius who sent a mage to give the Prince nightmares. Due to this divide, many tensions have been raised between these two cities. The White Knights however are thinking ahead in the mean time, having a scout on guard near the border between Taverley and Burthorpe to make sure the Imperial Guard does not make a move towards Falador.

Modern Events

Port Sarim

Port Sarim

Following the Siege, order was restored to Asgarnia, and the towns and villages residing there began thriving once more. In the year 169 of the Fifth Age, the current year in the RuneScape calendar, many important things have happened.

Since these events, Asgarnia has remained one of the grandest and most politically important of the human kingdoms. It continues to prosper to this day, and is often visited by adventurers to buy supplies, travel to distant lands, or simply to visit the legendary land.