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Asgarnian Ice Dungeon resource dungeon
Frost Dragon Resource Dungeon.png
Release date 19 July 2010 (Update)
Kingdom Asgarnia
Members Yes
Main music Starlight
Levels 1
Strongest monster Frost dragon
Dwarf multicannon allowed Allowed
Quests taking place here No
Inhabitants Frost dragon
Asgarnian Ice Dungeon resource dungeon map.png

The Asgarnian Ice Dungeon resource dungeon is a members-only resource dungeon located inside the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon. It is located in an offshoot area of the dungeon just before the area with ice warriors. Level 85 Dungeoneering is required to enter, and doing so for the first time awards 15,000 Dungeoneering experience.

Players cannot cast high or low alchemy in the dungeon.

Getting there

Asgarnian Ice Dungeon resource dungeon entrance location.png

There are a number of ways to get to the resource dungeon. The fastest way to get there is with the Dungeoneering cape's perk. Players with at least 99 Dungeoneering may use the the perk to teleport to the entrance of any available resource dungeon an infinite amount of times. The next best way is to use a hoardstalker ring. It will also teleport the player straight to the resource dungeon, but it only has 8 charges per ring. Other methods of getting there include using the Port Sarim lodestone and running south, or using the fairy ring code "AIQ".

Inside the resource dungeon

Asgarnian Ice Dungeon resource dungeon entrance.png

Inside is an icy cavern that contains 12 frost dragons, which players often kill for their valuable drops and most notably, frost dragon bones. There are six dragons on both sides, although the southern ones are closer to each other than the northern ones.

An anti-bot update on 1 August 2012 made it so your Dwarf multicannon will instantly decay when you leave the cave. It must be reclaimed from Nulodion or Isak. Another anti-bot update created Frost dragon bone spawns that are unobtainable by any means (including telegrabbing). Players who die in the dungeon will have their graves placed outside the dungeon's entrance.

Frost dragons

This place is the only location where frost dragons can be found outside of Daemonheim. When first introduced to the game players could make upwards of 5M gp per hour. Being a 100% drop, frost dragon bones have dropped significantly in price; however, they are still good for making money and currently sell for around 16,991 each.