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Ashdale is a peaceful cliff-top island village found south of the Feldip Hills and west of Ape Atoll. The village was founded over 400 years ago, and is where people from all across Gielinor go to have a more peaceful life, as nothing very interesting happened there until recently.

Gudrik the dwarf, found in the south-west of Taverley, may take people there and teach them the basics of RuneScape. There, they will also fight off an attack by Morwenna the Cruel. It is also where new players start the game, and the setting of the A Shadow over Ashdale quest.

Description and features

Ashdale docks

A view of Ashdale from the docks.

Ashdale is accessed from a dock found to the south of the island, which, unlike the rest of the island, is at sea level. The dock is home to many boats, most of which are relatively small, and a beacon to guide them past the outlying rocks to the island.

The rest of the island can be accessed by climbing stairs from the dock onto the cliffs that the village farms and more are situated on. Just at the top of the steps, a bridge can be found to the east, supported by two giant statues. The bridge leads to a small floating island, upon which the village's church to Saradomin can be found. Although it is a church, no altar to restore Prayer points can be found inside.

Ashdale cooking

The farm.

North of the steps, the village proper can be found. The east side of the village is home to many features, including a quarry home to copper and tin rocks, and a furnace with two anvils to smith on. Another dock and boat can also be found next to the mine, which is overseen by the quarry overseer. The east is also home to what appears to be a statue of Saint Elspeth and a small market. An entrance to the sewers can be found to the south-west behind one of the houses, although they can only be accessed during the A Shadow over Ashdale quest.

Ashdale observatory

Ogden Plainview's house, which gives access to the Ashdale Caves

Further west is home to the farm, with Magda the seer's tower found on the path there. The farm is home to numerous cows and a cow-powered windmill, much like the one in the fairy kingdom of Zanaris. A storm drain south of the farm provides another entrance to the sewers, although like the other entrance, it can only be accessed during A Shadow over Ashdale. A small campfire can be found to the north of the farm, at which Digory Popplewell and Ned Swarbrick can be found. The fire, much like others in Gielinor, can be used to cook fish and other raw food.

A minnow pond can be found just south of the farm, where raw minnows can be fished using an ordinary fishing rod and some fishing bait. Another market can be found south of the pond, which has a statue of a sailor nearby, which a seagull occasionally perches atop. Further south, is a house which has a telescope looking out through the roof, and supported by cliffs which have some interesting drawings on them. This house was built by the Fourth Age architect Ogden Plainview, and can only be accessed during the A Shadow over Ashdale quest. During the quest, a staircase is discovered inside, which leads to the enormous Ashdale Caves.


Main article: Ashdale Tutorial

Ashdale is the location of the current tutorial. New players will find themselves here automatically after they create their account, whilst more experienced players can access it by speaking to Gudrik in Port Sarim, east of Gerrant's Fishy Business.

If you are not a new player, but want to try out the new tutorial, you must bank all of your items beforehand. You are not allowed to bring any items to Ashdale during the tutorial.


  • Gudrik - a dwarf who guides the player through the tutorial.
  • Hendrik - a local fisherman.
  • Digory Popplewell - a very happy man and friend of Ned.
  • Ned Swarbrick - a grumpy man who claims that the Swarbrick family have been in Ashdale since the beginning.
  • Magda - the local mystic and seer.
  • Lucy - A villager whom you save during A Shadow over Ashdale
  • Quarry overseer - the overseer of the quarry.
  • Sarah - a young woman who seems to be familiar with the player.
  • Morwenna the Cruel - a zombie necromancer and the main antagonist of the tutorial.
  • Villager - The villagers around the island.
  • Cow - The island cattle.


These songs are unlocked automatically and played during the tutorial, but they're not listed on the music player.


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  • On day of release, a bug occurred where existing players could not enter Ashdale despite un-equipping all armour. This could be worked-around by summoning a Beast of Burden and then dismissing it.
  • Despite supposedly being the start of the player's adventure, Magda implies the tutorial to be set in the Sixth Age, after the Battle of Lumbridge and the events of all Fifth Age quests, which all players canonically participated in. This dialogue became only accessible after the tutorial with the release of A Shadow over Ashdale.
  • It previously did not show up on the World Map in Java due to technical constraints, although the "You are here" marker still appeared south-east of Sophanem when you were there, and the sea where it can be found is marked as a non-members area. It was visible on the map in HTML5. With the release of A Shadow over Ashdale, it was moved south of Oo'glog and became visible on the map.
  • Gudrik will give the player 3 minnows if they reach low health, but if the player attempts to eat them, they cannot and would receive the message "You should finish cooking your fish before eating them."
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