Assassination Attempt on Zamorak
Sixth Age conflict
Year 5, Sixth Age
White Knights Kinshra
Saradomin, Sir Amik Varze Zamorak
Numerous White Knights Numerous Black Knights, Evil Dave
All White Knights including Sir Plyan Demand, Sir Tenlee All Black Knights
Previous battle
Battle for the Stone of Jas

Following the destruction of the Stone of Jas, Saradomin decided to take the opportunity to use the Resource dungeons to take a direct path to Zamorak's hideout at the bottom of Daemonheim, and sent his White Knights to begin looking for the best route to get there.

Meanwhile, Zamorak had recruited the World Guardian (not knowing the World Guardian and Evil Dave had swapped bodies) to infiltrate the White Knights and follow up on leads to an important secret meeting Saradomin was conducting. Though suspecting the World Guardian was acting out of character, Zamorak had Moia follow them.


Evil Dave had managed to get the information from a drunken Sir Amik Varze and followed the White Knights out to the Kalphite Hive. Meanwhile, the World Guardian (in Evil Dave's body) was forced to do chores by Doris ( ... and a number of other tasks ...) to catch up.

The White Knights used a Mysterious entrance in the Kalphite Hive to access Daemonheim. They were quickly followed by Dave and the World Guardian.

Inside Daemonheim, the White Knights assembled with Saradomin and Sir Amik. They were initially stopped by Evil Dave who began to recite a speech indicating the his/World Guardian's affiliation with Zamorak, and Saradomin and the White Knights mistook this as the World Guardian picking a side. Evil Dave then took two tries to use a summoning spell that summoned a black cloud.

Sir Tenlee was the first to advance on the black cloud, but was instantly killed as Zamorak materialized on top of him. At the sight of the death, Evil Dave quickly removed himself from the fight hiding under a Range.

The World Guardian managed to convince a Black Knight to untie them, and rushed over to Evil Dave and convinced him to come out of hiding. Meanwhile, both sides called in waves of reinforcements.


Officially, the battle ended in a draw as the room was filled with the bodies of many dead knights, and Zamorak and Saradomin were left arguing with each other. Among the knights that participated in the fight, Sir Amik was the only known survivor.

The World Guardian and Evil Dave managed to add to the confusion to the loyalties of the World Guardian as Zamorak later believed they had acted as a double agent, leading the White Knights to his domain. Before anything else could happen, Dave and the World Guardian teleported away. They would later perform the body swapping ritual again, though with Doris and Dave swapping bodies, and the World Guardian returning to their original body.

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