Assassination Attempt on Zamorak
Sixth Age conflict
Year 5, Sixth Age
White Knights Kinshra
Saradomin, Sir Amik Varze Zamorak
Numerous White Knights Numerous Black Knights, Evil Dave
Most White Knights including Sir Plyan Demand, Sir Fsup and Sir Tenlee All Black Knights
Previous battle
Battle for the Stone of Jas

The assassination attempt on Zamorak was an attempt by Saradomin to eliminate his rival Zamorak following the destruction of the Stone of Jas.

Saradomin mobilised the White Knights to conduct an attack on Zamorak in his hideout in Daemonheim through the use of resource dungeons. Zamorak, however, was aware of the attempt. Evil Dave, in the body of the World Guardian following a body-swapping spell, came to Zamorak and Moia and pledged his allegiance to the god of chaos. Zamorak commanded the World Guardian to infiltrate the White Knights, but commanded Moia to follow them, as they were behaving erratically.

Evil Dave managed to convince Sir Tiffy Cashien to make him an elite white knight through a combination of insight and extreme cringyness and was invited to a barbecue. There, Sir Amik Varze told Dave that the White Knights were planning to strike through the Kalphite Hive.

The World Guardian, unable to convince Doris that they were not Dave, were forced to repeatedly do chores while searching for Dave. They eventually managed to catch up to Dave at the Kalphite Hive with the aid of some Hell-Rats, who had spied the Saradominist forces entering Daemonheim through a mysterious entrance.

The battle

The World Guardian attempted to stop Dave, who quickly overpowered and bound them. Dave then challenged Saradomin and cast a spell, summoning Zamorak, who claimed the World Guardian was loyal to him. Saradomin called his knights to him. Zamorak proceeded to kill Sir Tenlee and summoned his own knights, and the two forces attacked, each side slaughtering the knights summoned by the other side. Dave got scared and hid under a range.

The world guardian managed to convince a Black Knight to free them on the grounds of being magical support. They pulled Dave out from under his hiding place and tried to stop the fighting before deciding to flee.


The battle ended in a draw, with the majority of both sides killed in action and the gods left arguing with one another. Sir Amik was one of the few known survivors. The World Guardian and Dave teleported out to Ice Mountain before the gods could turn their attention to them. However, they landed near Doris, who saw them and dragged them back to Edgeville, where they managed to perform the ritual again. Though the World Guardian was restored to their rightful body, Doris and Evil Dave ended up in each other's bodies.

Zamorak and Saradomin returned to their strongholds. When Saradomin next saw the World Guardian, he berated them, calling Dave's actions while under control of their body infantile.

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