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Astea Frostweb is a Dungeoneering Boss. She summons ice creatures while attacking the player directly with magic.


Astea usually summons Ice Spiders (level determined by the raid's average level). She will summon two per person, for up to 10 at once for a party of five. If you're alone she can summon up to 4 spiders; however, it is possible that she doesn't summon any at all, especially when she is fought on the first floor. Using Protect from Magic will result in her summoning more spiders to the player protecting against her spells. The ice spiders can safely be ignored, unless the player wants to fill in time while waiting for her to switch protection prayers. Her summons will disappear when she dies. Her main attack uses an Ice-like Entangle spell and Ice Barrage (whose strength varies depending on her level). Protect from Magic should be used, and prayer flashing is possible if you can anticipate her offensive casts. Because her Entangle spells can keep the dungeoneer at a distance, fighting her with ranged or magic attacks may be easier. Melee works well, however, if you can stay close to her, or trap her.


She uses protection prayers which switch every 25 seconds or so; however, she will protect herself if she is taking heavy damage from a certain style of combat. If using melee only, the best way is to turn on protect from mage, and stay close to her, until she switches prayer, then attack her with your melee choice.



  • Her surname is a reference to the fact she summons ice spiders.
  • In the journal she leaves behind she writes about finding out something horrible about someone named Bill, making it necessary for her and Lexicus to "kill Bil." (which is, cooincidentally, a refrence to the movie of the same name). Bill could possibly be Bilrach, who is known to have been there. Lexicus is a boss later on in the skill.
  • She fights in a similar way to the Kalphite Queen and Tormented Demons as her prayer changes.
  • She fights very similiar that a farcaster would, ice barraging/freezing their target then attacking. This is similar to the Gluttonous behemoth, as it fights like a safer would.
  • You don't seem to get melee xp when fighting her.
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