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Atrew was a Guthixian druid active during the late God Wars who was a great aquamancer wielding power over water. He appears in the FunOrb strategy game Armies of Gielinor.

Atrew appears on both "The Beautiful North" and "Alarm Call" levels of the "Guthix Awakens" campaign. On "The Beautiful north" he is shown heading to the area of "Alarm Call" and in "Alarm Call" he condicts a ritual to awaken Guthix alongside the other four Druidic leaders Rief, Ria, and Thera. After the God Wars he and his watery powers became part of the Balance Elemental along with the other three druidic leaders and the World Guardian Aeternam.

Unlike the druids in modern RuneScape, he wears a green robe instead of a white one.


  • Atrew's name is an anagram of water.