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Release date 23 September 2001 (Update)
Members No
Location Elvarg's lair or Grand Tree
Quest Unknown edit
Unlock hint This track unlocks in Elvarg's lair or during the Grand Tree quest.
Duration 02:42
Composer Unknown edit
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Attack2 is a music track unlocked either at the Grand Tree or in Elvarg's lair. It is one of few music tracks with 2 unlock locations. It uses several horns, a bass, some drums, a synthesizer, and other complicated instrument lines. It's the only 'Attack' song unlockable by free players. During Dragon Slayer, it is unlocked during the cutscene in which you see Elvarg moving towards the camera. During The Grand Tree it unlocks while fighting the Black Demon.

If player is strong enough to beat Elvarg, a certain part of this track plays when player decapitates her, and then the current music will start over again .

It is the second song in a series of six songs known as the "Attack" musics. 

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