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Attuned crystal weapon seed detail

Attuned crystal weapon seeds are very rare drops from defeating Iorwerth scouts, Iorwerth guards, Cadarn mages, Cadarn rangers, rare drops from defeating Crystal Shapeshifters and uncommon drops from powerful edimmu. They are used with harmonic dust to make attuned weapons by Crystal Singing at the crystal bowl in the Ithell Clan district of Prifddinas. After attuned weapons degrade, they revert back to a seed.

Players with level 90 Smithing may claim a one-off free seed from Lady Ithell if they have not completed the Xena-phile Elite task of the Tirannwn Tasks. If players already have an attuned crystal seed or weapon or have recently dropped an item, they cannot claim the seed.

While the requirements for claiming the seed from Lady Ithell cannot be boosted in any way, players are able to use temporary boosts in order to create the weaponry.

A degraded weapon can be taken to Eluned, or Islwyn (after The Light Within), to be recharged, unless it has fully degraded and reverted back to a seed. In that case it must be created again using harmonic dust. Eluned may say "I can only do partial recharges after fully attuning one seed for you", thus disallowing the recharge option. In that case, having her create a standard Crystal bow with a crystal weapon seed, the player degrading it, and then returning to her for a recharge clears this issue. Simply take a crystal weapon seed and talk to her. After some dialogue, you will be able to ask her to sing you something for a fee (1,000,000) - ask her to sing you a crystal bow. After this is done, you will be able to recharge all attuned crystal weapons without a problem.


ItemHarmonic dustSmithing levelSmithing XP
Attuned crystal bowAttuned bow2000903000
Attuned crystal halberdAttuned halberd2000903000
Attuned crystal staffAttuned staff2000903000
Attuned crystal chakramAttuned chakram1000901500
Off-hand attuned crystal chakramAttuned off-hand chakram1000901500
Attuned crystal daggerAttuned dagger1000901500
Off-hand attuned crystal daggerAttuned off-hand dagger1000901500
Attuned crystal wandAttuned wand1000901500
Attuned crystal orbAttuned orb1000901500

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Crystal Shapeshifter1121Rare
Edimmu (elite)1251Uncommon
Cadarn magus1221Very rare
Cadarn ranger1221Very rare
Iorwerth guard1221Very rare
Iorwerth scout1221Very rare


  • Prior to 30 March 2015, it was possible to assist creating crystal weapons.
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