Not to be confused with Aubury.
Release date 12 April 2010 (Update)
Members Yes
Level 70
Book Standard Prayers
Drain rate 200 points per minute (1 point per 0.3 seconds)
Effect +8 Magic levels (for accuracy)
+8% Magic damage
+8 Defence levels (for armour)

Augury is a prayer that gives a player 8 bonus Magic levels when calculating hit chance, 8 bonus Defence levels when calculating block chance, and a 8% boost to magic damage dealt. It requires level 70 Prayer to use. Augury currently has the highest Prayer level required for any prayer in the default prayer book. Augury is unlocked by completing the Knight Waves training ground.

Considering the way in which it is unlocked, the boosts, and Prayer level required, this prayer is considered the Magic equivalent of the melee prayer Piety and the ranged prayer Rigour.


  • This was the only magic boosting prayer in the standard prayer book that did not have the word "Mystic" in its name prior to the release of Charge, Super Charge and Overcharge. It does have the same icon as the Mystic prayers, only recoloured, while Rigour has a completely different icon.
  • Players who bought the Scroll of augury from Dungeoneering before the Evolution of Combat had their tokens refunded.
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