Aura management interface

A place for your auras

The aura management is an interface that houses all the player's owned auras. From there they can be activated or extended. It can be accessed from anywhere (save for a few exceptions, such as within Daemonheim) under the Worn Equipment interface. Auras can also be favourited which will allow the player to quickly activate them by right clicking the aura management button.

The interface can also be used to buy new auras under the unowned category. It will only show the auras that are available for the player to buy.

Upon logging in after the update, a message would appear in the chatbox: All aura objects have been removed and have been added to the aura management interface.

The oddball, gaze, desert pantheon, and the Daemonheim auras are still located outside of the interface as regular items.

It was released as part of an update on 22 January 2018.


Aura managment settings

Aura management settings

Within the settings menu, the player can toggle three options relevant to the interface or auras in general.

Show list view

Switches the aura interface from a grid based view, showing only the names of auras.

Hide dismiss aura warning messages

Disables confirmation message when deactivating an aura before it runs out by itself.

Open on favourites

When toggled, opening aura management will open the "Favourites" category, instead of "All owned".


Aura managment right click menu

Right click menu with auras favourited

Players can favourite auras by clicking the small star icon.

When an aura is favourited it will show up in the "Favourites" category. They are also quickly activatable by right clicking the aura management button.

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