Autumn Voyage is a music track that used to be unlocked near the farm in north-east Lumbridge, but is now unlocked automatically. The song also features on RuneScape 3 - The Soundtrack.


Autumn Voyage has had three versions.

The first version (March 15, 2004) lasts just over 2 minutes. The first half of the song is in E minor and the second half is in C minor.


The second version (February 5, 2008) lasts 5 minutes and 39 seconds, and has three parts. The first part is the longest and has a 4/4 beat. The theme is played three times, first in E minor, then in C minor, then in A minor. Each time more ornaments and decoration are added. Then it enters a new theme in 3/4. Finally it replays the first theme in E minor, in 4/4.


The third, current version (July 22, 2013) replaces the second MIDI version with an arrangement done by James H instead of Mod Ian. It has been shortened to 2 and a half minutes and does not have the 3/4 part.


  • The unlock hint used to be: This track was unlocked at Lumbridge farm.
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