Ava's Devices is a series of devices that 'bought' from Ava, and are known for having:

  1. a attack ranged bonus, being: +2, +4 and +5;
  2. a magic defence bonus, being: +2, +4, and +5;
  3. a slash defence bonus that is the same for all the devices, being: +1;
  4. in addition to the lauded effect ttey have on arrows, bolts, darts, Javelins, throwing axes, throwing knives, and toktz-xil-ul (Obsidian rings), similar to the Soul Wars cape (in the Soul Wars activity only) : either ending up in the players inventory, or their weapon slot; and
  5. lastly they can also attract various other metal(lic) items.

In the same order as the above given bonusses, these are the possible devices:

The later ones are upgrades of the earlier ones.

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