Avatar habitat
Clan avatar basic habitat
Release date 14 August 2012 (Update)
Members Yes
Location Clan Citadel
Examine None

An Avatar habitat is an area in a Clan Citadel that is the home area for Clan Avatars. A Basic habitat will house one avatar, a Medium two, and a Grand habitat three.

It can be built by using the customisation button on the clan citadel interface, then selecting the hotspot at the town square.

The resource requirements for the habitats are:

  • Basic - 3000 timber, Tier 1 Citadel
  • Medium - 30,000 timber, 30,000 precious bars, Tier 4 Citadel
  • Grand - 30,000 timber, 30,000 precious bars, 30,000 rations, Tier 7 Citadel


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