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The Avatar of Destruction is one of the two avatars in the Soul Wars minigame that were created by Nomad. It is powerful enough to be considered a tier 7 god.[1] The avatar, like the Avatar of Creation, can drain the player's Prayer.

This avatar can be found on the red team's side of the battlefield. The required Slayer level needed to begin attacking this beast starts at 100 (meaning that no one can attack him as Slayer capes, Slayer's respite, and wild pies are not allowed to be brought into the minigame), but as players add Soul fragments to the Soul obelisk, the avatar's power will gradually diminish and this Slayer requirement can eventually be reduced to 0.

When members of the red team bury the bones of their fallen comrades or slaughtered enemies in captured graveyards, they will have a chance of increasing their avatar's Slayer Level.

Death of the Destruction Avatar

The battle for the Avatar of Destruction has ended.


  • After killing an Avatar of Destruction, the Adventurer's Log will say: "I killed the Avatar of Destruction, the essence of ruination." Killing more than one Avatar of Destruction results in the Adventurer's Log saying: "I killed # Avatars of Destruction, each the essence of ruination."


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