This article is about a specific type of attackable monster. For information on the Aviansie race, see Aviantese.
For strategies on fighting the Aviansie, see Aviansie/Strategies.
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The Aviansie are a scarce race favoured by Armadyl above all. Armadyl thought they were wiped out during the God Wars and left Gielinor. Some were left frozen in the God Wars Dungeon, and they were thawed and resumed battle with the other gods and their armies. Because they fly high in the air, they can only be attacked using ranged or magic. If you attempt to attack an Aviansie with a melee weapon, you will receive the message "The Aviansie is flying too high for you to attack using melee." and will be unable to attack it, although the Aviansie will become aggressive to you if it wasn't already.

They are a favoured target of Ranged users because all levels of Avianese drop noted Adamantite bars, which makes a steady profit, as well as level 3 Clue scrolls.


It is possible (and a good idea) to use the Bones to Bananas or Bones to Peaches spells on the bones dropped by aviansies, preferably bones to peaches. Since players must purchase the ability to use Bones to Peaches from the Mage Training Arena (earning enough points to do that costs a lot of money), a way to avoid that is to buy tablets instead. It is advisable to bring the Enhanced Excalibur here, as the special gives a Defence boost, restores Hitpoints, and only takes up one inventory space.

Also if you come equipped with items representing each of the four gods (Bandos, Saradomin, Zamorak, Armadyl), you will not be attacked by the creatures outside the boss chamber.

The most cost-effective god items to bring are a Zamorak chaps, Saradomin coif, Armadyl pendant, and Bandos Boots.

The most stat-effective god items to bring are an Unholy Symbol, Saradomin bracers, Armadyl chestplate, and Bandos tassets.

Either 60 Strength or Agility is required to access the God Wars Dungeon where the aviansies reside.

In addition, it is good to bring runes for High Alchemy in order to obtain coins from drops like rune dagger(p+) and Runite limbs.


Level Hitpoints Max hit
69 70 8
71 63 10
73 67 10
79 83 11
83 86 9
84 86 10
89 92 10
92 95 10
94 75 11
97 98 11
131 x 15
137 124 15
148 139 16

Note: This list may or may not be accurate.



100% Drops

Runes and talismans

Ores, bars and metal items

Other drops


  • Other NPCs and familiars that use melee may inflict damage on Aviansies.
  • The weapons used by the Aviansies look similar to Morrigan's javelin and Morrigan's throwing axe.
  • Avians is latin for "of or relating to birds".
  • The reason the weapons used by the Aviansies looks familiar to the Morrigan's javelin and Morrigan's throwing axe could be because the "Phantom queen" from Irish mythology would fly above battles that were being fought. The name Morrigan might have been given to the axes and javelins, because the Aviansies fly above you. However, Morrigan's equipment came after the God Wars Dungeon's release.
  • If you have a grapple equipped or any melee weapons and attempt to attack an Aviansie it will attack you but you will not damage it,so be careful!
  • Aviansies used to drop earth runes, but for an unknown reason, the drop was removed from the game. It is likely it was removed because aviansies were dropping all the necessary runes for the spell "bones to peaches" or else it simply seemed to be an odd drop for a creature that remains in the air. However, the removal of the earth rune drop doesn't really affect bones to peaches, as this can be negated by bringing a lava staff in place of the fire staff, giving it a dual use for bones to peaches and High Level Alchemy.
  • Aviansies come in both genders, female Aviansies appear to have a blue head and a lower cut platebody whereas the males platebody covers the entire chest and shoulders.
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