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This Article is about a specific type of attackable monster. For information on the Aviansie race, see Aviantese.

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The Aviansie are a mostly extinct race favoured by Armadyl above all. Armadyl thought they were fully extinct and left Gielinor. Some were left frozen in the God Wars Dungeon and they were thawed and resumed battle with the other gods and their armies. Because they fly high in the air, they can only be attacked using ranged or magic.


Level Hitpoints Max hit

This list may or may not be accurate.



Prayer method/requirements

This method of fighting Aviansies is for players with under 70 Range and cannot access the Eyrie:

Stat Minimum Recommended
Range 60 70+
Prayer 40 60+
Magic 55 (High Alchemy) 61 (Trollheim Teleport)

You also need either 60 Agility or 60 Strength to bypass one of the obstacles to get into the God Wars Dungeon.

Finishing the Eadgar's Ruse Quest is Highly recommended for a quick teleport up the mountain.

Prayer equipment


Prayer inventory

  • 502 Fire Runes
    • Optional: Fire Staff
  • 100 Nature Runes
  • 2 law runes
  • 1 Steel Arrow (Accumulator will make a lot of these and since you don't need to pick up bones for Bones to peaches then you should keep them)
  • 12-22 Prayer Potions (4)

This will leave you with 2 extra spaces which will cater for casting High Level Alchemy on drops and noted Adamant Bars.


  • If you get the swordfish drop and don't need it, leave it on the floor or trade them to another player
  • You should never be in danger of death, so using Home Teleport is a good way to exit
  • If you are nervous about the GWD you can always take a one click teleport
  • When you start freeing up spaces as your prayer potions are used, pick up any drops, Ranarrs are always welcome
  • Only bring 1000-2000 bolts in case of accidental death.
  • While fire staff is optional, it is preffered to bring enough fire runes, that way you don't have to switch

your crossbow with the staff, and while having the staff equipped, you may accidently high alchemy your crossbow

Tanking method/requirements

This method of fighting Aviansies is by utilising the Barrows armours to your advantage, this method allows you to make more profit than with prayer potions, but requires a decent Defence level, costs more to get all the equipment but you can make more profit in the long run.

Stat Minimum Recommended
Range 70 80+
Defence 70 80+
Prayer 40 (For Protect from Ranged to protect from the thrower trolls) N/A
Magic 55 (High Alchemy) 61 (Trollheim Teleport)
Smithing 1 50+

The higher your Smithing the better, because it allows you to get discounts on repairing Barrows Armour on Armour Stands in a Player-owned house, but even if you have a low smithing, it's still money saved.

Tanking equipment

  • A Mithril grapple is also required to get into the Eyrie
  • A Saradomin item as well as a Zamorak item if you plan on fighting outside the Eyrie

Tanking inventory

  • Mithril Grapple
  • 2 Law Runes
  • 502 Fire Runes
  • Optional: Substitute Runes for Fire Staff
  • 100 Nature Runes
  • 50+ Bones to Peaches Tabs, depending on how long you would like to stay
  • Excalibur
  • 4 Ranging potions (4)
  • Optional: Substitute one Range Potion for an Ectophial or any one click teleport (For inexperienced fighters)
  • 18 Sharks or Monkfish

You will be left with one free space for Adamant bars or the coins from high alchemied drops, but after you teleport in another free space will be added (2 Law Runes being used up). Any Steel Arrows which spawn should be dropped as you need the spaces for Bones to Peaches.


  • Whenever you have free space pick up bones for Bones to Peaches
  • Only ever use the Bones to Peaches Tablet if you have as many bones as you can
  • If there are spare bones on the ground you can drop something for a second, pick it up, perform the spell, eat the extra peaches and then pick your item back up
  • If you get the Swordfish drop, bury bones you have and pick them up, if you have less than 5 bones and extra peaches, eat some peaches
  • The rule is Swordfish > Peaches > Bones
  • If you get the Swordfish drop and do not need them, do not offer them to other players in the area. Just drop them. It will waste your time trading, and they're likely to pick it up if they want it anyways.
  • If you are inexperienced take a one click teleport such as an Ectophial
  • If you are fairly confident with the Eyrie you will probably not need a teleport out and may just use the home teleport.
  • If you are nearing the end of a trip, pick up any air runes and then you will be able to teleport to Varrock to sell your profits (assuming you pick up any law rune drops)
  • Since Law rune drops are fairly common take an extra Law rune with you to hold an inventory space for teleporting out later.
  • Only take an amount of bolts you are willing to lose in case the unforeseeable happens and you are killed. Though don't let this worry you. You probably won't die (unless you forget pendant).
  • If you are in trouble and don't have enough bones to warrant a Bones to peaches tablet, then use your prayer for a while to survive until you get enough bones again. If no prayer, possibly kill lower leveled monsters until you have enough bones.
  • Learning the Bone to Peaches spell from the Magic Training Arena can save you large amounts of gold (If you make use of it that is, it will be a little costly to learn the spell). Instead of having to buy tablets, you could simply bring extra nature runes (aviansies also drop natures so you probably won't run out too quickly). If you invest in a Mud Battlestaff or a Mystic Mud staff, it will count as the water and earth runes for casting Bones to Peaches, while only taking up one inventory space.

Tanking inventory (Bunyip method)

  • Mithril Grapple
  • 2 Law Runes
  • 1002 Fire Runes
  • Optional: Substitute Runes for Fire Staff
  • 200 Nature Runes
  • 100 Bones to Peaches Tabs, depending on how long you would like to stay
  • Excalibur
  • 4 Range Potions (4)
  • 5-10 Bunyip Pouches
  • 1-4 Summoning Potions (4)
  • Pineapple pizzas or Sharks

This method allows for 1000+ kills in one trip earning over 3 million in drops,a ring of life and a quick teleport is highly recommended for players of any experience level. The Bunyip can provide healing for 70-90 kills. Generally your health will remain from 0-20 points lower than your max.


  • If you are getting damaged constantly check to make sure Excalibur's special hasn't already recharged.
  • If your health is below 20, either stop and allow the bunyip to self heal you, or take one bit of a pineapple pizza and continue fighting.
  • The bones to peaches tabs can be replaced by another bunyip or a potion, as the bunyips will provide enough healing for 3-7 hours easily.

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Other drops


Because they fly high in the air, they can only be attacked using ranged or magic from players. However, all the other monsters in the God Wars Dungeon can attack the Aviansie with melee. Even summoning familiars may attack (and damage) them with melee.

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