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Axeman's folly is an ale that can be player made. When drunk, it provides a temporary +1 boost to the player's Woodcutting level, although as with most ales it also slightly lowers some melee combat skills. Note that one cannot drink an axeman's folly at level 79 Woodcutting to enter the Sawmill training area.

Axeman's folly requires level 49 Cooking for a player to brew this ale, and yields 413 Cooking experience per batch when made. Brewing is a members only ability related to the Cooking skill. Brewing is done at one of the two fermenting vats found in either Keldagrim or Port Phasmatys.

The special ingredient used to make a batch of Axeman's Folly is a single oak roots item. These are created by growing an oak tree using the Farming skill, then cutting it down and digging up the stump with a spade.

The full recipe for axeman's folly is as follows (in the order given):

  1. 2 buckets of water
  2. 2 barley malts
  3. (optional) 1 "the stuff," to increase chance of maturity
  4. 1 oak roots
  5. 1 ale yeast
  6. Wait two to five days
  7. Collect the completed ale using eight beer glasses or two calquat kegs*.

*Calquat kegs are highly recommended, especially if the ale has matured. Simply by collecting the ale in a keg, the value of the batch will increase by several thousand coins. This makes an axeman's folly (keg).

Common uses

Players who are 1 level away from the requirement for an evil tree often use this brew. Players using this tactic should buy the keg, because it provides 4 doses in 1 inventory slot. This can even be profitable at higher levels, given the potential rewards from magic and elder evil trees.

It is not especially useful for speeding up training Woodcutting, but can be used to attempt to gather a few logs from a tree that the player is just shy of the level requirement for.

It can also be used for a useful boost in the higher levels to discover an ancient effigy.


  • Increases Woodcutting by 1 for up to 60 seconds, but cannot be used at level 79 Woodcutting to enter the sawmill training area.
  • Heals 490 life points.
  • Lowers Strength and Attack by 3.


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  • Ironically, the examine info reads "This might help me chop harder."; the brew lowers your Strength by 3, which would theoretically weaken your character and their chopping ability.