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Azure is a resource in Player-owned ports. It is the last resource made available to the player. It can be obtained as a reward from voyages to the Shield region. Azure can be used for ship upgrades, and hiring crew members from the Shield region and upgrading buildings.

Players can purchase azure from The Black Marketeer for 1500 gold each.

Players may also buy individual units in the form of ports azure packs from Boni on Waiko after the miniquest Impressing the Locals. These cost 90 chimes each, but are the variant outside of Player-Owned Ports.

Port upgrades (total cost: 90,000)

  • Malevolent/Maritime/Ostentatious Bar (5,000)
  • Refurbished Workshop (20,000)
  • Fearless/Swashbuckler/Mariner Lodgings (10,000)
  • Ostentatious/Battleship/Maritime Shipwright (10,000)
  • Sovereign Warehouse (20,000)
  • Legendary Portal (25,000)

Ship upgrades (total cost: 20,500)

  • Ram of the Bladewing (3,100)
  • Bladewing Rigging (4,150)
  • Fineglow Lanterns (4,150)
  • Shimmering Azure Hull (6,000)
  • Tengu Rudder (3,100)

Crew Members

  • Zhonghu Player (850)
  • Gu Bodyguard (850)
  • Stargazer (850)
  • Azure Golem (1,500)
  • Kharidian Exile (1,500)
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