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Baba YagaMysterious mage
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Baba Yaga is a member of the Moon Clan on Lunar Isle who lives in a house that walks about upon chicken legs. The house is named Berty. She is admittedly insane and runs Baba Yaga's Magic Shop which sells runes, battlestaves, and Moonclan manuals. In order to talk to her or most other NPCs in the city, the seal of passage is needed during the quest Lunar Diplomacy.

During the sixth Winter Weekend of 2015 (running into 2016), Baba Yaga sold 40 instead of 20 battlestaves.

In the quests Glorious Memories and Blood Runs Deep, players learn there is more to Baba Yaga than the batty woman who lives in the odd house. In Glorious Memories, players see her as a young adventurer and powerful mage willing to help other Fremennik. In Blood Runs Deep, she again assists other Fremennik clans and takes in a sick man in order to help him.

Baba Yaga can teach a player the Ourania Teleport spell after they have completed the Lunar Diplomacy quest. She will recount a tale and then whisper the spell to the player. Players need to have Lunar spells activated to be able to coax Baba Yaga into teaching them the spell. If spoken to without a seal of passage, the player will be teleported away to Rellekka, during the quest Lunar Diplomacy.

After the quest Swept Away, she can enchant the broomstick, and players will receive 10,338 Magic experience if they have a Magic level of 73 or above.

Baba Yaga plays a small role in the Barbarians v. Wizards court case.

There is a Construction skilling pet called Baba Yaga's House, based on her house.

Glorious Memories

Baba Yaga's house.

During the quest Glorious Memories, when players show Brundt the Chieftain the unfinished astral rune, Brundt will remember more about the day he sought with friends a prophecy tablet and how Baba Yaga offered her assistance.

After the quest, players may bring her the unfinished astral rune to receive a further reward and learn more about the events of that day.

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  • Her name as well as her chicken-legged house comes from Slavic folklore.
  • If you use the orb of oculus while in her house, the screen will stop shaking, although her furniture will continue to bounce up and down.