For the pet, see Platypus.
Baby platypus
Baby platypus (brown) pet
Release date 29 January 2008 (Update)
Hunter level 48
Experience 205
Location South of Oo'glog
Trap Box trap
Preferred bait Smouldering lavender
Retaliation No
Loot Baby platypus
Examine A most unlikely creature.
Baby platypus icon

Baby platypodes are hunter creatures that may be caught with level 48 hunter and level 10 summoning after completion of the As a First Resort quest. They are found alongside various other creatures on the beach south of Oo'glog. They are caught using box traps, but they must first be lured over to one by using a smouldering lavender (obtained by lighting some lavender picked from one of the nearby plants).

Be warned that while smouldering lavender is equipped, the nearby wimpy birds will become aggressive and deal 60 life points of damage per hit. If smouldering fever grass is used instead of lavender, the platypodes will become aggressive and poison players.

Once caught, players may loot the trap to receive a baby platypus pet. If a player already has a platypus, the trap will always fail to work, unless the platypus is in the menagerie.

Pet platypodes may be summoned and then dismissed at the beach east of Oo'glog to receive either a Casket or Oyster, but the platypus will be lost in the process.

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