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{{Otheruses|food item|quest item|Bacon heap (Bringing Home the Bacon)}}
{{Otheruses|food item|quest item|Bacon heap (Bringing Home the Bacon)}}
{{Infobox Item
|name = Bacon heap
|name = Bacon heap
|image = [[File:Bacon heap.png]]
|image = [[File:Bacon heap.png]]

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This article is about food item. For quest item, see Bacon heap (Bringing Home the Bacon).
This article is about the cooked version. For the raw version, see Raw bacon heap.

Bacon heap detail.png

A bacon heap is made by cooking a raw bacon heap on a fire or range, requiring 44 Cooking and giving 135 experience. It heals 900 life points. Cooked bacon heaps cannot be used to make mounds of bacon.


Bacon heap.png Bacon heap
Cooking-Make-X GE icon.png
135 XP-466
Cooking Cooking level44
Quests Completed Bringing Home the Bacon
P2P icon.png Members onlyYes
Raw bacon heap.pngRaw bacon heap1N/A-


[FAQ] • [doc]
Raw Cooked Cooking level Experience Heals Total bacon
Raw bacon Bacon 14 68 300 1
Raw bacon stack Bacon stack 24 88 500 2
Raw bacon pile Bacon pile 34 108 700 4
Raw bacon heap Bacon heap 44 135 900 8
Raw bacon mound Bacon mound 54 158 1100 16
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