Formal garden

A formal garden with a number of flowers.

A bagged flower can be bought in Falador from the Garden supplier. They can be planted in the garden of your Player-owned house if you have a Construction level of 66 or higher. They each require a Watering can to plant. They serve no purpose other than decoration, and give an equal amount farming and construction experience.

Flower Level XP Cost
Sunflower Sunflower 66 70 5,000 coins
Rosemary (Construction) Rosemary 66 70 5,000 coins
Marigolds icon Marigolds 71 100 10,000 coins
Daffodils Daffodils 71 100 10,000 coins
Roses Roses 76 122 15,000 coins
Bluebells Bluebells 76 122 15,000 coins
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