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Musa Point banana plantation

The banana plantation.

Luthas' banana plantation is across from Zambo's bar. Players can collect bananas for Luthas and put them in the box outside his hut. When they've filled the box with 10 bananas, Luthas will pay them 30 coins. Luthas is useful if a player forgets their money and cannot go back from the island. There are 33 banana trees in the plantation, each with 5 bananas on each tree. This is a rival money making method to making stew for the guard in a tree in Draynor Village, although it is better to collect the bananas and sell at the Grand Exchange for a much higher price.


Pirate's Treasure

The plantation is critical in completing Pirate's Treasure. After purchasing Redbeard Frank's rum, the player must get it off the island. However, attempting to board the ship will have the customs officer confiscate the rum and keep you on the island. Instead, the player should get a job from Luthas, then use the rum on the crate before it's full. This is will hide the rum. The player will then sail to Port Sarim as usual, and get a job at the grocery store, allowing them in the back of the store to retrieve the rum from the crate.


  • After completing the quest, the customs officer will recognise the player as an employee of the plantation and not search them, as long as they aren't carrying rum; however, she will do a "spot search" and confiscate the rum if the player is carrying any.
  • It is one of the few jobs that players can do, following the tutor update.
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