This shop is located in the Wilderness Bandit Camp.
It is recommended to skull yourself prior to entering the camp, or else you will be attacked by multiple aggressive high-level Bandit Brawlers.
Bandit Duty Free

Bandit Duty Free interior

Bandit Duty Free exterior
Release date 27 February 2002 (Update)
Members No
Minimap icon General store map icon
Location Bandit Camp
Owner Noterazzo
Specialty General store
Notterazzo location

Bandit Duty Free is a general store run by Noterazzo. It is located in the Wilderness Bandit Camp. It is a fairly mixed general store, selling both low and high-level items. The shop's stock refreshes daily at midnight UTC.

Some of the more premium items Noterazzo sells are significantly cheaper compared to other locations. When asked about this, he explains to the player that because it is in the Wilderness (which automatically makes it dangerous), the tax collector never visits his store.

In order to open the store, players must be skulled, as Noterazzo will refuse to open the store for them otherwise, and the bandits will attack anyone unskulled.

The store is known for its broad arrowhead stock, along with bloodweed seeds, being the only store that sells it and is far easier to obtain compared to other sources. The more high-level minded goods are sold with a 10% discount over other places that sell them.

As the store is in the Wilderness, and players must be skulled in order to access the shop, players should not bring any items they are unwilling to lose. Fortunately, the cape merchant Neil is nearby, allowing players to quickly bank their purchased items. Players may alternatively teleport if they are unwilling to use his services, as the camp is below level 30 Wilderness.

Opening this store is a requirement for the Wilderness Tasks.


Item Number
in stock
sold at
bought at
GE resale
Needle Needle 50 1 coins 1 34 1,650
Bucket Bucket 50 1 coins 1 136 6,750
Empty pot Empty pot 50 1 coins 1 16 750
Spade Spade 50 3 coins 1 1,059 52,800
Cake tin Cake tin 50 10 coins 3 23 650
Chisel Chisel 50 14 coins 4 37 1,150
Hammer Hammer 50 13 coins 3 168 7,750
Broad arrowheads 5 Broad arrowheads 3,000 50 coins 15 54 12,000
Vial pack Vial pack 6 225 coins N/A 100 -750
Vial of water pack Vial of water pack 6 250 coins N/A 3,900 21,900
Gold leaf Gold leaf 5 117,000 coins 39,000 128,902 59,510
Marble block Marble block 5 292,500 coins 97,500 309,141 83,205
Stone of binding Stone of binding 5 450,000 coins 150,000 463,183 65,915
Reinforcing plate Reinforcing plate 5 450,000 coins 150,000 469,731 98,655
Algarum thread Algarum thread 5 450,000 coins 150,000 470,529 102,645
Bloodweed seed 5 Bloodweed seed 5 50,000 coins 19 66,733 83,665


  • Bandit Duty Free originally sold items for their High Level Alchemy prices, being one of only four general stores to do so. Since the Grand Exchange update the prices were the same as regular general store prices until the release of Wilderness Tasks when some items received custom prices again.
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