Bandos's tower emerges

Bandos's tower emerges from the ground.

Bandos's Tower
Bandos's Tower (destroyed)
Release date 21 January 2014 (Update)
Kingdom Asgarnia
Members area No
Main music Alone
Leader Formerly Bandos
Teleportation Bandosian token
Bank map icon None Altar map icon 1
Bandos's remains location
Bandos's Tower
Bandos's Tower
Release date 11 December 2013 (Update)
Kingdom Asgarnia
Members area No
Main music Unlisted
Leader Bandos
Teleportation Bandosian token
Bank map icon 1 Altar map icon None
Bandos's Tower map

Bandos's Tower was the base tower used by Bandos and his army during the The Bird and the Beast world event. It was located next to the Goblin Village in the kingdom of Asgarnia. The tower was destroyed when Armadyl fired the Divine Focus at Bandos, killing him.

Not much of the tower remains today, with a large crater residing on its site, with a hole similar to a divination spot residing in the centre. Ruins of the tower and the Scarecrow can be found strewn around it. Goutbones the goblin can be found just outside, who will happily speak about the world event and allow you to re-watch the cutscenes. Bandos's destroyed head can be found just south of the tower, which can be prayed at to restore prayer points.


Floors (during the world event)

Ground floor

The recruiter could be found just outside the tower, and players could join the Bandosian faction by talking to him. Inside, the quartermaster - whom players could purchase rewards from - could be found. In addition, the record keeper could be found, whom players could use to manage the Bandosian faction's army, being rewarded with bonus experience for doing so. Several Bandosian followers could be seen loitering outside the tower.

The following items could also be found:

  • The PvP board could be found outside the tower, which displays the top 15 PvP players, recent player kills, and the kill/death ratio for the player. Players were also able to enable or disable PVP here, as well as learn the benefits of doing so.
  • The Battle plans could be found inside, which could be used to access the Army Management interface.
  • The Voting board could also be found inside, from which the Voting interface could be accessed.
  • The Strategy board could be found next to the Battle plans, and could be used to access the Faction Strategy interface.
  • The War map could be found at the centre, which shows the locations and statuses of the nodes in the event. Players could teleport to any of the nodes on the map from it, although only from inside the tower. Players may also claim a portable version for themselves.
  • The Bank chest could be found inside for players to store their items.

First floor

Crush, the golem master and a partially built golem could be found on the first floor. Crush would happily tell you all about golems and how to build them. A completed golem could occasionally be seen here as well while it was not protecting or attacking caravans. A Bandosian follower could be seen watching over the caged prisoner.

Second floor

Bandos could be found sitting upon his tower in the second floor, with the chief engineer Zarador, and the head diviner Davosi next to him. The second floor also housed the Scarecrow, a huge weapon powered by divine energy aimed at Armadyl's Tower.


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