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The Bandosian token is a pocket slot item received from The Bird and the Beast world event. It counts as an Bandos-aligned item in the God Wars Dungeon, protecting players from Bandos's followers.

If lost, it can be reclaimed by praying at Bandos's remains, north of Falador, but only if the player had one when the event ended. Players who had an Armadylian token at the end of the event will not receive a Bandosian token by praying at Bandos's remains. During the world event, it could be reclaimed from the Bandosian recruiter.

Type Total renown Effects (cumulative)
Bronze Bandosian token.png Bronze Bandosian token 0 N/A
Silver Bandosian token.png Silver Bandosian token 31,000 Small increase in divine energy.
Gold Bandosian token.png Gold Bandosian token 90,000 Small increase in construction/tear down rate.
Runite Bandosian token.png Runite Bandosian token 200,000 A small decrease in damage taken from opposing forces.
Dragon Bandosian token.png Dragon Bandosian token 450,000 Resistance to opposing player interference.


  • The emote of the Bandosian token is very similar to that of the Saradominist token - in fact, the smaller Saradomin symbols from the Saradominist token animation appear in the Bandosian token animation.
  • The emote is automatically played upon a token upgrade.