Bane bolts are made by using the Tune Bane Ore spell on a bane ore, smelting the ore, smithing the bars on the anvil in Kethsi and fletching them. Tune Bane Ore can enchant the arrows and bolts to be more effective against certain creatures. To cast the spell, one must target the item dropped by and resembling the creature which the ore has to be attuned to, rather than casting it on the ore.

Bane bolts have level 60 damage, equal to enchanted ruby bolts. When used on their proper targets, they deal level 75 to 80 damage (between hand cannon shot and royal bolts) and gain a flat 30% accuracy bonus.[1] This applies to both abilities and auto-attacks.

Despite these bonuses, the effective damage of bane bolts falls short of royal bolts with a royal crossbow; yet bane bolts can be the better choice if one needs higher accuracy.

Producing the unfinished bolt gives 62.5 experience and produces 50 unfinished bolts per bar.

The following is a list of requirements needed to create the bolts (all skill levels are boostable apart from the quest's requirements):

The items that can be used to tune bane ore are:

Monster Items Ore created Bar made Bolts made
Dragons Dragonbane oreDragonbane ore Dragonbane barDragonbane bar Dragonbane bolt 5Dragonbane bolts
Wallasalkis Wallasalkibane oreWallasalkibane ore Wallasalkibane barWallasalkibane bar Wallasalkibane bolt 5Wallasalkibane bolts
Basilisks Basiliskbane oreBasiliskbane ore Basiliskbane barBasiliskbane bar Basiliskbane bolt 5Basiliskbane bolts
Abyssal monsters Abyssalbane oreAbyssalbane ore Abyssalbane barAbyssalbane bar Abyssalbane bolt 5Abyssalbane bolts


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