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It may be involved in an upcoming update, or its development and release may have been cancelled entirely.
Bank Bidders concept

The concept as shown at RuneFest 2016

Bank Bidders was a planned update that would allow players to bid on and win the contents of banned accounts' banks. It was being worked on by Mod Osborne in his personal project time and was originally announced as a possible update for November 2016.[1] It was then planned for release in February 2017,[2] but had been postponed.[3] It would have been a two week event.[4]

On 7 July 2017, Mod Osborne confirmed that the project had been cancelled.[5]


Bank bidders would have involved both raffle and blind-bidding gameplay. In the raffle the player would receive one ticket from entering the Bank Bidders area each day and one ticket from completing a daily challenge each day. They could then choose which banned account's raffle to enter their tickets for; with the winning tickets being drawn during two livestreams.[2]

In blind-bidding players would be shown a selection of five accounts in the Bank Bidders area. The accounts would have had their names removed and would be able to place a max bet on which account they believe has the most valuable bank. An account's wealth would be determined as their 25 most valuable item stacks, including any tradeable items and discontinued rare items. The player who placed the highest bid would win the banned account's items. Players would have had to pay an entrance fee to join in blind-bidding, which was planned to be 1,000,000 coins.[6][2]


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