Bank Booster +50
Bank Booster +50
Release date 28 August 2012 (Update)
Members No
Components Unknown edit
F2P Price 420 RuneCoins
P2P Price 378 RuneCoins
Loyalty Points Unknown edit
Recolourable Unknown edit
Permanently increases your bank capacity by 50.
Bank Booster +50 detail
The Bank Booster +50 is a unique service available from Solomon's General Store that permanently increases maximum bank space by 50.[1] It was the first purchase from Solomon's Store to provide a service. Players may purchase a maximum of five Bank Boosters and collect one free Bank Booster, accumulating to a total possible 300 extra bank slots. Free players may use the extra space obtained for free-to-play items only.

The Bank Boosters were said to be coming to the Loyalty Shop in the next couple weeks after initial release.[2] Mod Mark announced in a December Reddit AMA that the actual release date would be sometime in 2013.[3]

To buy all bank boosters as a member, it would cost approximately $49.99 (USD) in Runecoins, or 20 cents per additional bank slot.

Bank boosters purchased Runecoins needed (f2p) Runecoins needed (m) Additional slots acquired
1 420 378 50
2 840 756 100
3 1260 1134 150
4 1680 1512 200
5 2100 1890 250

The 200 free Runecoins players start with is not accounted for in the above table.

Common uses

Main article: Bank organisation
  • Free-to-play players that need extra bank space (when 83 or 103 is not enough) but don't want to pay for members every month.
  • Members whose subscriptions are near expiration and wish to avoid discarding members' items for F2P item space.
  • Completionist players that want to own a variety of items and upgrades on their character.
  • Roleplayers who carry many low level items for cosmetic use, but also want higher level items for skilling and questing.


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