Bank Booster +50 detail
Bank Booster +50

The Bank Booster +50 is a unique service available from Solomon's General Store that permanently increases maximum bank space by 50.[1] As of September 3, 2013, it was made available for 208,800 loyalty points. It was the first purchase from Solomon's Store to provide a service. Players may purchase a maximum of five Bank Boosters and collect one free Bank Booster, accumulating to a total possible 300 extra bank slots. Free players may use the extra space obtained for free-to-play items only.

The Bank Boosters were said to be coming to the Loyalty Shop in the next couple weeks after initial release.[2] Mod Mark announced in a December Reddit AMA that the actual release date would be sometime in 2013.[3]

To buy all bank boosters as a member, it would cost approximately $49.99 (USD) in Runecoins, or 20 cents per additional bank slot.

Bank boosters purchased Runecoins needed (f2p) Runecoins needed (m) Loyalty Points needed (m) Additional slots acquired
1 420 378 208,000 50
2 840 756 416,000 100
3 1260 1134 624,000 150
4 1680 1512 832,000 200
5 2100 1890 1,040,000 250

The 200 free Runecoins players start with is not accounted for in the above table.

Common uses

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  • Free-to-play players that need extra bank space (when 83 or 103 is not enough) but don't want to pay for members every month.
  • Members whose subscriptions are near expiration and wish to avoid discarding members' items for F2P item space.
  • Completionist players that want to own a variety of items and upgrades on their character.
  • Roleplayers who carry many low level items for cosmetic use, but also want higher level items for skilling and questing.


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