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Bank deposit box
Bank deposit box
Release date 19 September 2005 (Update)
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Examine Lets you put items into your bank.

A bank deposit box is a box that allows players to directly deposit items into their banks without the need for entering a pin. They are located in banks and other locations around Gielinor. While most banks have deposit boxes, some do not. Players cannot use the bank deposit boxes to withdraw items and they also cannot check their bank content using the bank deposit box. They were added at the same time as bank PINs, in September 2005.

To use the deposit box, players simply click the box to open up the bank deposit box window, which is an interface that shows the same items which were in their inventory before clicking the bank deposit box. They can then deposit items by clicking on the item, and can choose to deposit more than one as if they were accessing their bank account through the normal method.

Players can also deposit items to the bank deposit box without opening the deposit box window. To do this, players must (right) click on the item and choose "use item" and then click on the bank deposit box. A window will open in the player's chat screen, asking the number of items the player wants to store into their bank.

The bank deposit box also has a 'deposit-all' option which allows the player to quickly deposit everything without any hassle.

Again, once the items have been deposited, it is impossible to get them back other than through normal bank account access, which will require the player's PIN (if the player has one). Presumably, Jagex added them so that players locked out of their banks due to the PIN system were still able to play. A player who has forgotten their PIN can cancel it and use a deposit box to store items during the 3 to 7 day cancellation period.

Another use of the bank deposit box is for training collecting skills (mining, fishing, etc.) Unlike the ordinary bank booth, the deposit box is one-click and does not require a PIN, making it much quicker if a player is only depositing items because they don't have to keep entering their bank pins when logging in and out.

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