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Bank presets are a feature of the bank of RuneScape that allow saving and loading an inventory, equipment, and beast of burden layout quickly. Bank presets were added with the update of 7 April 2014.

Players initially have access to 5 presets and one beast of burden preset, but can temporarily rent or permanently buy access to 5 more for 10 total.

Using presets

Bank presets

The preset buttons in the bank.

The preset management interface is part of the Hero top-level interface. It can also be accessed from the bottom of the bank interface, clicking the third button from the left (icon of a person and a cog).

Hero (Presets) interface

The preset interface.

Presets can be set to load any combination of inventory, equipment, and beast of burden. Additionally, two presets can be selected as 'quick presets', allowing them to be loaded directly from the bank, without opening the preset interface.

Presets are loaded by depositing everything from the location to be loaded into the bank, then withdrawing the requested items to the specified places. If an aura is active, it is excluded. If a stackable item is in the preset, but not enough of that item is available, 1 of the item is left behind as a 'placeholder'.

If an item could not be found (or not enough for stackable items), a chatbox message is displayed stating there was an issue, with a list of all items that could not be found as additional, filtered messages.


Saving a preset

Presets can be saved at any time, with or without access to a bank.

  1. Set up your inventory and/or equipped items as required
  2. Open the presets interface (via the Hero interface or via the bank)
  3. Select the preset to replace in the left radio buttons
  4. Click the blue save icon just to the right of the selected preset's name
  5. Select either the inventory, worn equipment, or both
  6. Optionally, choose/change the preset name
  7. Click confirm
  8. Click yes

The preset is now saved and ready to load.

(If this does not work just switch the tab from presets to Achievements and back and try again)

Loading a preset

Presets can only be loaded at a bank.

  1. Open the bank interface.
  2. Click the preset management button in the bank, so that both interfaces are open at once.
  3. Click the green arrow next to the preset

Alternatively, one can set a quick preset by:

  1. Opening the preset interface
  2. Use the right-hand radio buttons to select a preset as quick preset 1 or 2

Quick presets can be loaded by clicking the '1' or '2' buttons in the bank (next to the preset interface button), or by using the hotkeys 1 or 2.

Beast of burden

The beast of burden preset is saved and loaded in the same way as above, except it must be done to the final preset in the interface (which has the unchangeable name 'Beast of Burden').

To load (or not load) a beast of burden preset at the same time as a normal preset, click the cog next to the required preset in the preset menu, then tick/untick the box labelled with the Summoning icon Summoning and confirm the change.

Suggested uses

  • A simple blank preset for both inventory and worn, as a one-button deposit everything function.
  • A preset for commonly used combat equipment, possibly for each style
  • A preset containing all additional equipment one may need for most Slayer tasks, e.g. runes for all elemental spells, runes for alchemy, charming imp/bonecrusher/other drop modifiers, summoning pouches, etc. One can then re-open the bank once loaded, and deposit things not required for that specific task.
  • A full loadout for a specific boss, to enable quick banking when bossing (especially when combined with the PvM portal in the Max Guild).
  • A skilling preset with ingredients, particularly for items with multiple ingredients like overloads. This is especially useful when combined with the action bar to initiate the skilling action, if possible (i.e. open bank, press 1 to load preset, press 1 to open the Make-X interface, press space to confirm, wait, repeat).


  • As presets have to deposit everything into the bank before withdrawing the required items, this can be an issue for very full banks - in some cases, preset unusable.
  • If two of the same augmented item are in the bank, the one which is withdrawn is always the one positioned first in the bank. This can mean the wrong item is withdrawn, or the items are alternately withdrawn on subsequent loadings.
  • Only the specific version of an item is saved, so a 'used' degradable item is in a preset, when it is repaired to 'new' it won't be loaded by the preset.

Additional presets

Initially players have access to 5 presets, plus one beast of burden preset. Additional presets can be temporarily rented using loyalty points, or permanently bought using bonds or RuneCoins.

To open the rental/purchase interface, click the padlock symbol next to an unowned preset in the preset interface.


Regardless of the package purchased, the cost for a preset slot is 571.43 loyalty points per day.

Time Loyalty points
2 weeks 8,000
4 weeks 16,000
8 weeks 32,000
16 weeks 64,000
24 weeks 96,000
32 weeks 128,000

Permanently purchasing a preset slot costs 480 RuneCoins or 3 bonds. However, as bonds are worth 195 RuneCoins each, it is recommended to redeem the bonds for RuneCoins before purchasing a preset in order to save 105 RuneCoins.

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