Banner (HAM) detail

A banner is a decorative flag made on a banner easel in a player-owned house. Players need 48 Crafting or higher and must have been assigned a crest by Sir Renitee in the White Knights' Castle. Sir Renitee will not assign a crest unless the player has over level 16 Construction.

A player's first crest assignment is free, and it costs 5,000 coins to change the crest to another one; however, some crests have other requirements, detailed below. Players can use a Banner easel in another player's house if they do not have one. The banners are untradeable and give no stat bonuses. To make one, you use a plank and a bolt of cloth on a banner easel. Note: You have to have the crest to make a banner you want.

The Saradomin and Zamorak banners will not offer any protection in the God Wars Dungeon.

The Assist System cannot be used to make a banner.


Crest Requirements Banner
Banner (Arrav) Arrav Shield of Arrav Banner (Arrav)
Banner (Asgarnia) Asgarnia None Banner (Asgarnia)
Banner (Dorgeshuun) Dorgeshuun The Lost Tribe Banner (Dorgeshuun)
Banner (Dragon) Dragon Dragon slayer Banner (Dragon)
Banner (Fairy) Fairy Lost City Banner (Fairy)
Banner (Guthix) Guthix 70+ Prayer Banner (Guthix)
Banner (HAM) H.A.M. None Banner (HAM)
Banner (Horse) Horse Toy horsey in inventory Banner (Horse)
Banner (Jogre) Jogre None Banner (Jogre)
Banner (Kandarin) Kandarin None Banner (Kandarin)
Banner (Misthalin) Misthalin None Banner (Misthalin)
Banner (Money) Money Costs 500,000 coins Banner (Money)
Banner (Saradomin) Saradomin 70+ Prayer Banner (Saradomin)
Banner (Skull) Skull Skulled Banner (Skull)
Banner (Varrock) Varrock None Banner (Varrock)
Banner (Zamorak) Zamorak 70+ Prayer Banner (Zamorak)



  • The banners are among the tallest weapons in the game in their unsheathed form, about 1.75x the player's height.
  • The examine information of the Horse banner is in reference to a running gag in RuneScape in which horses are said not to exist. This gag started with the 2004 April Fools event.
  • Previously, players could not rest while having a banner equipped. The characters wielding it also displayed old movement animations. This was later changed in an update.
  • If you try to bring a banner into Castle Wars, you get the message "You cannot take a banner into the arena."
  • The 'Skull' crest once required a player to be skulled before speaking to Sir Renitee. Since the removal of skulling, the crest has no additional requirements. However, since the introduction of Legacy Mode, becoming skulled once again returns, and once again the 'Skull' crest requires the player to be skulled.
  • Currently the weapon is held incorrectly due to current combat stance, placing the banner's handle in the player's wrist. This also affects the banners from Trouble Brewing.

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