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This article is about metal bars made by smelting ore. For a place that sells drinks, see Bar (location).

A Bar is a metal item that has been refined from ore, but which has not yet been made into an item such as a Weapon or a piece of armour. Ores can be mined from mines found in various places around Gielinor. Then, the ore can be smelted into bars through the Smithing skill and can then be smithed into various items, mainly weapons and armour, through the Smithing skill. As the metal used in smithing require higher grade metals the more efficient and powerful the item will be.

Some bars must be smelt with coal (e.g. mithril ore), while others only require the ore itself (e.g. gold ore).

There are some quest related metal bars, such as the Elemental bar and 'Perfect' gold bar. These bars require special conditions and materials to be made then usually made into something special for use during the quest.

Currently known Quests that require such special bars are:

Types of bars

Here is a list of what you need to smelt the bars:

Core bars

Image Type Ore needed Level needed Experience Acquired
Bronze bar Bronze 1 Copper ore and 1 Tin ore 1 1.0
Iron bar Iron 2 Iron ore 10 2.0
Steel bar Steel 1 Iron ore and 1 Coal 20 3.0
Mithril bar Mithril 1 Mithril and 1 Coal 30 5.0
Adamant bar Adamant 1 Adamantite ore and 6 Luminite 40 7.0
Rune bar Runite 1 Runite ore and 8 Luminite 50 10.0
Orikalkum bar Orikalkum 1 Orichalcite ore and 1 Drakolith 60 13.0
Necronium bar Necronium 1 Necrite ore and 1 Phasmatite 70 17.0
Bane bar Bane 2 Banite ore 80 21.0
Elder Rune bar Elder Rune 1 Rune bar, 1 Light animica, and 1 Dark animica 90 26.0


Image Type Bars needed Level needed Experience Acquired
Concentrated alloy bar Concentrated Alloy Bar 1 of each core bars 99 10.0
Enriched alloy bar Enriched alloy bar 5 Concentrated Alloy Bar 99 10.0
Immaculate alloy bar Immaculate alloy bar 10 Enriched Alloy Bar 99 10.0

Specialist Bars

Image Type Ore needed Level needed Experience Acquired
Blurite bar Blurite bar 1 Blurite ore 8 2
Silver bar Silver 1 Silver ore 20 3
Gold bar Gold 1 Gold ore 40 7.0 / 17.48
Abyssalbane Bar Abyssalbane 1 Abyssalbane ore 77 50
Basiliskbane Bar Basiliskbane 1 Basiliskbane ore 77 50
Dragonbane Bar Dragonbane 1 Dragonbane ore 77 50
Wallasalkibane Bar Wallasalkibane 1 Wallasalkibane ore 77 50
Obsidian Bar Obsidian bar 12 Obsidian shard 80 50

Dungeoneering bars

There are several classes of bars associated with the skill Dungeoneering that can only be made and used in Daemonheim.

Image Product Level Tier
Novite bar Novite bar 1 1
Bathus bar Bathus bar 10 2
Marmaros bar Marmaros bar 20 3
Kratonite bar Kratonite bar 30 4
Fractite bar Fractite bar 40 5
Zephyrium bar Zephyrium bar (m) 50 6
Argonite bar Argonite bar (m) 60 7
Katagon bar Katagon bar (m) 70 8
Gorgonite bar Gorgonite bar (m) 80 9
Promethium bar Promethium bar (m) 90 10