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{{External|rsc=Alfred Grimhand Bar Crawl|osrs=Alfred Grimhand's Barcrawl}}
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{{Otheruses|the miniquest|the NovtumberFest event|Bar Crawl (NovtumberFest)}}
{{Infobox miniquest
|image = [[File:Barcrawl.png|280px]]
|series = None
|release = [[25 March]] [[2002]]
|update = Latest RuneScape News (25 March 2002)
|members = Yes
|developer = Andrew Gower
The [[Alfred Grimhand]] '''bar crawl''' is a [[miniquest]] that is required to be completed in order to gain access to the [[Barbarian Outpost]], where it is considered a "rite of passage". To complete it, you must trek around various bars and pubs in ''RuneScape'', drink a specialty drink, and have the bartender of each establishment sign off a [[barcrawl card]] supplied to the player by the barbarian guarding the entrance to the agility course.
{{Quest details
|start = Speak to the [[Barbarian guard]] at the entrance of the Barbarian Agility Training Course.
|difficulty = none
|length = Short to Medium
|members = Yes
|items =
* 208 gold coins to buy all the required liquor
|recommended =
* Food to recover from beer that inflicts damage.
* Unlocked [[lodestone network]] or teleportation runes
* [[Restore potion]]s to restore skills that are lowered.
===Starting out===
[[File:Barcrawl card interface.png|right|250px]]
To begin, talk to one of the barbarian guards outside the agility training area at the [[Barbarian Outpost]] to get the [[barcrawl card]]. While doing the bar crawl, you'll be given a bar crawl card with a list of all the bars you have to visit. Each one will be checked off when you've found it and drank the specific brew required. If you lose the card, you'll have to start the entire miniquest all over again.
You'll need to tell the barkeepers that you're doing the bar crawl and they will give you what you need. The brews are very strong, though, causing some damage as well as some steep temporary drops in stats. The entire trip will cost around 210 coins, plus money for runes/tablets and boat trips to [[Karamja]]. Once you have every line of the card signed, return it to one of the guards at the [[Barbarian Outpost]].
===Visiting the bars===
You can visit the bars in any order. The amount of damage dealt by the damaging drinks is dependent on your [[Constitution]] level. None of the beers are actual items; instead, they are consumed automatically.
{| class="wikitable"
!Drink Name
|[[File:Barcrawl Varrock (south).png|250px]]
|[[Blue Moon Inn]]
| style="text-align: center;" |South-central [[Varrock]]
|Uncle Humphrey's Gutrot
|Lowers [[Attack]], [[Defence]], [[Strength]], and [[Smithing]] and up to 260 life points. Makes your insides feel terrible.(makes you say Blearrgh!)
|[[File:Barcrawl Varrock (north-east).png|250px]]
|[[Jolly Boar Inn]]
|[[Varrock]] (next to the [[Lumber Yard]])
|Olde Suspiciouse
|Lowers Attack, Defence, [[Mining]], [[Crafting]], and [[Magic]] by 9. Makes your head spin.
|[[File:Barcrawl Grand Tree.png|250px]]
|[[Blurberry's Bar]]
| style="text-align: center;" |
1st floor (upstairs) of the [[Grand tree|Grand Tree]]
|Fire Toad Blast
Lowers your health by 5 times your Constitution level. Burns your mouth and throat.
|[[File:Barcrawl Yanille.png|250px]]
|[[Dragon Inn]]
| style="text-align: center;" |[[Yanille]]
|Fire Brandy
|Lowers Attack and Defence by 10. Blurs vision and causes staggering.
|[[File:Barcrawl Ardougne.png|250px]]
|[[Flying Horse Inn]]
| style="text-align: center;" |[[Ardougne]] (west of the North Bank)
|Heart Stopper
|Lowers life points by about 20-30% of your total. Makes you clutch your chest and your eyes water.
|[[File:Barcrawl Seers' Village.png|250px]]
|[[Forester's Arms]]
| style="text-align: center;" |[[Seers' Village]]
|Liverbane Ale
|Lowers Attack, Defence, [[Fletching]], [[Firemaking]], and [[Woodcutting]] by 9. Makes the room sway.
|[[File:Barcrawl Falador.png|250px]]
|[[Rising Sun]]
| style="text-align: center;" |[[Falador]]
|Hand of Death Cocktail
|Lowers Attack, Defence, [[Ranged]], and [[Fishing]] by 7. Lowers up to 200 life points. Makes you stumble around the room (much to the bartender's amusement).
|[[File:Barcrawl Brimhaven.png|250px]]
|[[Dead Man's Chest]]
|[[Brimhaven]] (South-west of the [[Agility Arena]])
|Lowers Attack, Defence, [[Herblore]], [[Cooking]] and [[Prayer]]. Causes double vision and backward staggering.
|[[File:Barcrawl Musa Point.png|250px]]
|[[Karamja Wines, Spirits, and Beers|Karamja Spirits Bar]]
|[[Musa Point]]
|Ape Bite Liqueur
|Lowers Attack and Defence and also causes slurred speech.
|[[File:Barcrawl Port Sarim.png|250px]]
|[[The Rusty Anchor|Rusty Anchor]]
| style="text-align: center;" |[[Port Sarim]]
|Black Skull Ale
|Blurs vision. Causes hiccups.
===Optimal route===
One of the faster ways to do this requires between 208 and 468 coins and uses the [[lodestone network]] for most travel. If you can't teleport to Varrock, take a hatchet with you to make a canoe to go from Lumbridge to Varrock. The [[games necklace]], the [[Ardougne cloak]], [[fairy ring]]s, and the [[explorer's ring 3]] may be useful if you have not unlocked all the lodestones in the lodestone network.
*(Home Teleport to Al Kharid then take the Gnome Glider to the Tree Gnome Stronghold, if you can), teleport using a [[Grand seed pod]], or run to the [[Tree Gnome Stronghold]], go to the {{FloorNumber|2}} of the [[Grand Tree]], and get the drink from [[Blurberry's Bar]] in the southeast corner, the bar is just west of Heckel Funch's grocery/liquor store.
*[[Home Teleport]] to [[Seers' Village]], and then visit the [[Forester's Arms]].
*Home Teleport to [[Ardougne]], then proceed to the [[Flying Horse Inn]], located south-west of the lodestone and directly north of Ardougne castle.
*Home Teleport to [[Yanille]] (you can also use a [[Ring of duelling|Ring of Duelling]] and teleport to Castle Wars, and walk east from there, or use an [[Ardougne cloak]] and walk) . Buy a drink from the bar at the south-west part of the city.
*Home Teleport to [[Karamja]]. This actually takes you to Brimhaven, so run north and then east until you reach the [[Dead Man's Chest]].
*Go through the gate in northeast Brimhaven and run over to the [[Karamja Spirits Bar]] on the other side of the volcano at [[Musa Point]].
*Home teleport to [[Port Sarim]] or take the ship from Musa Point, Karamja and visit the [[Rusty Anchor]].
*Home Teleport to [[Varrock]] and visit the [[Blue Moon Inn]].
*Proceed north-east in Varrock to the [[Jolly Boar Inn]]. It is just west of the Lumber Yard.
*Home Teleport to Falador, and go to the [[Rising Sun Inn]].
*Return to the [[Barbarian Outpost]], preferably by using a [[games necklace]].
==Required for completing==
Completion of the Bar Crawl miniquest is required for the following quests:
*[[Scorpion Catcher]]
*[[Horror from the Deep]]
* After completing all barcrawl locations, you will be unable to read the barcrawl card as you will be "too drunk".
* After drinking in Brimhaven, it says you think you see two bartenders signing two barcrawl cards.
* After completing the barcrawl, the gate guard says he never learned how to read anyway, making the signatures useless. Despite this, he states that you look like you're drunk enough to have completed it.
{{Bar Crawl}}
{{Scorpion Catcher}}
[[fi:Bar Crawl]]

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