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The Bar Crawl is a repeatable event throughout NovtumberFest where the player must go to a corresponding pub to buy a beer from the Bartender. Completing one task daily gives a small prismatic lamp, and completing all tasks will grant the player 2 medium prismatic lamps for the Standard card, and 2 large prismatic lamps for the advanced. Tasks can be completed at any time during the event, and do not have to be completed the day it appears. Ironmen can participate in this event.

You can check your progress using the Bar Crawl card received from Johanna.

Standard Card

Day Bar Location Drink
1 Jolly Boar Inn Bartender (Jolly Boar Inn) location.png Beer.png Beer
2 Rising Sun Rising Sun Inn location.png Wizard's mind bomb.png Wizard's mind bomb
3 The Rusty Anchor Bartender (Rusty Anchor) location.png Black Skull Ale
4 Megan in the Falador Party Room Falador Party Room location.png Beer.png Beer
5 Toad and Chicken Toad and Chicken location.png Dwarven stout.png Dwarven stout
6 The Pick and Lute Tostig location.png Asgarnian ale.png Asgarnian ale

Advanced card

Day Bar Location Drink Requirements
1 Forester's Arms Bartender (Forester's Arms) location.png Beer.png Beer None
2 Dragon Inn Bartender (Dragon Inn) location.png Dragon bitter.png Dragon bitter None
3 Flying Horse Inn Bartender (The Flying Horse) location.png Beer.png Beer None
4 Big Heist Lodge Bartender (Bandit Camp) location.png Bandit's brew.png Bandit's brew Started Desert Treasure
5 King's Axe Inn Gauss location.png Dwarven stout.png Dwarven stout Started The Giant Dwarf
6 The Golden Scarab Inn Bartender (Golden Scarab Inn) location.png Squeck juice.png Squeck juice Started The Jack of Spades

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