Pre-game creation

Barbarian Assault waiting room

The waiting room (Wave 1)

Barbarian Assault lobby map

Players should know that there are a total of 10 normal waves of Barbarian Assault, with the last wave containing the Penance Queen. Players must play the waves in order from 1 through 10. The lobby contains a total of 11 rooms, one for each wave plus the "arrow room". The arrow room matches you with other players that choose to enter the arrow room.

Note that players cannot take their own Arrows, Runes, food, potions, familiars or pocket slot items into the game. Free ammunition and ammo is provided for the Attacking role, but they are obtained by pulling the Attacker lever. Meleers need to take their own weapons. All roles should take good armour, but non-attackers have no need for ammo or weapons until wave 10.

Once a player is prepared to enter a game, they should start off by heading to Wave 1. There, they can either recruit other players to be on their team, or be recruited by another player to be on their team.


In a team, there is one leader and four players. There are only four roles in a team, requiring that two players be of the same role.

To start a game in the numbered rooms, a player wishing to be a leader must obtain a recruitment scroll from the table, and use it on any four players (as long as they are not in a group already). When a leader requests a player to join their group, the player will be able to choose their role and see the other team members. The recruiting leader will see the player's level in their currently selected role, and will be able to accept or decline their offer. The recruiting leader must also select their own role by right-clicking the scroll and selecting "write-role". Waiting for an open role, instead of recruiting, is only recommended if the player has a high combat level (100+), as recruiters tend to avoid players whom they think might die easily (especially in later waves).

After each wave, the leader can decide whether or not to keep the team. If a player does not fit the leader's requirements, or does not help out the team, they may wish to kick the player. To kick a player from the team, use the scroll on them, then click the red X next to their name. The role they were occupying then becomes free again for the leader to pick another player. If none of the teammates leave or are kicked from the team, the next wave will start automatically after 30 seconds.

Recruiting examples

There are many ways to notify the people in the room whether you are trying to recruit or be recruited. The following things should be said allowed to achieve this:

  • "[Role] here"
The player is willing to join a team as the said role.
(Eg. "Attacker here")
  • "Lvl [#] [role] here"
The player is willing to join a team, and is experienced in their selected role. The meaning of the numbers can be found here. The more experience the player has in that role, the more likely it will be to get onto a team.
(Eg. "Lvl 3 Defender here")
  • "[Role] to go"/"Need [Role]"
The player is leader of a group and needs the said role to start the next game. Group leaders may also call for "to-go" players by saying "[Role] to go needed". Another way of saying this is "[Role's First Letter]2G".
(Eg. "Attacker to go", "Need Attacker, A2G")

Rooms can become very crowded and full of text above player's heads. For all of these sayings, it may be helpful to also list a whole or part of your username so that people can easily see where you are if needed. (Eg. "A2G - Jimmybob" "Collector here - Elfinlocks")

Player roles

In each team, there are five players. There must be at least one person assigned to each role in a team, and two people assigned to one role, as there are only four roles. Players cannot change their role once they enter the game.

When a game begins, players are given an "Icon", which is worn in the pocket slot and cannot be unequipped. It is not displayed at the player's feet.

Role Icon Job
Attacker Barbarian Assault Attackers hiscores
Collector Barbarian Assault Collectors hiscores
  • Gather eggs dropped by Penance monsters
  • Load eggs into the Egg Hopper
  • Tell the Attacker what attack style/runes/arrow type to use to attack the Penance
  • Pick up Omega Egg(s), pass to Healer, then take from Defender and load (only in wave 10)
Defender Barbarian Assault Defenders hiscores
  • Lure Penance runners into Runner traps
  • Repair the traps
  • Build barricades near the entrances and exit
  • Tell the Healer what type of poisoned food to use on Penance Healers
  • Take Omega Egg(s) from Attacker, submerge in lava and pass to Collector (only in wave 10)
Healer Barbarian Assault Healers hiscores
  • Heal allied players with the Healing vial.
  • Poison Penance Healers.
  • Tell the Defender what type of food to use to lure Penance Runners
  • Take Omega Egg(s) from Collector, submerge in poison, and pass to Attacker (only in wave 10)

Note: Any player may fire the Egg Launcher. Firing the Egg Launcher will not cause the player or the team to lose Honour points.[1] It is provided to assist teammates in need of help to kill Penance monsters and support teammates.

Penance creatures

There are four different types of Penance in each wave: Runners, Healers, Fighters, and Rangers. Each of them drop red, green and blue eggs upon being killed. If anyone who is not a Collector tries to pick them up, they will receive a message saying that they cannot collect them.

Penance Ranger

Penance rangers are winged creatures which shoot green Ranged projectiles at players. Their projectiles can cause quite a bit of damage if the player is not wearing sufficient armour.

Penance Fighter

Penance fighters are vicious creatures with claws who attack using melee. If not wearing sufficient armour, their attacks may be something to worry about.

Penance Runner

Penance runners can not physically harm the player, but they can make the whole team lose points if not dealt with carefully. Penance runners make it their job to run from the north entrance to the south exit, escaping the players' hostility. If a runner escapes, 3 Honour points are deducted from every team mate's final reward for that wave, doubled for the defender.

Penance Healer

Penance healers run around the field, poisoning healers and healing other enemy penance signifcantly.


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