Barbarian Firemaking is a part of the Barbarian Training taught to players by Otto Godblessed. Players must have a Firemaking level of at least 35 in order to burn the oak log that is required for the training. There are two types of activities that fall under Barbarian Firemaking: lighting fires with a bow and lighting pyre ships.

Bow fires

Barbarian firemaking

A player lighting logs with a bow

As mentioned above, the player starts out by talking to Otto and by having the required Firemaking level. Next the player must bring a bow and oak logs. To make a bow fire, use the bow in your inventory on the oak logs. If you use logs higher levelled than oak logs, you will require a higher Firemaking level. There are no inherent advantages to using a bow instead of a tinderbox, since your tinderbox will be on your tool belt.

Firemaking Log Experience
21 Logs Normal logs 40
21 Achey tree logs Achey tree logs 40
35 Oak logs Oak logs 60
50 Willow logs Willow logs 90
55 Teak logs Teak logs 105
62 Arctic pine logs Arctic pine logs 125
65 Maple logs Maple logs 135
70 Mahogany logs Mahogany logs 157.5
78 Eucalyptus logs Eucalyptus logs 193.5
80 Yew logs Yew logs 202.5
95 Magic logs Magic logs 303.8
99 Elder logs Elder logs 450

The following bows are incompatible with Barbarian Firemaking:

Pyre ships

Barbarian spirit attack

A barbarian spirit attacks!

Talk to Otto after you completed a Bow fire. Otto will now explain the art of making a Pyre ship. The burning of remains on pyre ships is a barbarian ceremony that helps send the dead to the afterlife if they did not die peacefully.

You need to enter the dungeon below the lake and fight the monsters within to obtain chewed bones or mangled bones to be used in constructing a pyre ship. They are a guaranteed drop from Lost barbarian or Confused barbarian found in the same dungeon. When rummaging through barbarian skeletons found on the ground or killing the various barbarians within the cavern, you may find mangled bones. The only way to get chewed bones, however, is to kill Mithril dragons.

Both chewed and mangled bones, in conjunction with any type of log, can be used on the burnt spaces (pyre sites), found scattered around the lake near Otto's house, to make a pyre ship.

The spirits released from chewed bones drop some items; this includes a slim chance for a dragon full helm. The spirits from chewed bones will also grant the player a bonus of three times the normal Prayer experience the next time they bury bones of any type or scatter ashes of any type. Making pyre ships with better logs will give this bonus for a higher number of bones/ashes (see table below). This bonus accumulates - burning 2 chewed bones consecutively provides a bonus for burying twice as many bones as burning one chewed bone. Dying does not remove the accumulation of bonuses. Experience gained from the bonecrusher does not receive this bonus.

Spirits released from the mangled bones are aggressive level 106 Ferocious barbarian spirits that will attack you as the pyre ship burns. Please note that if you use mangled bones on a pyre ship, you will be unable to make another pyre ship until you kill the spirit. If you attempt to make another one while a barbarian spirit is around, the sacrifice will be declined.

Completing the Barbarian skills book requires burning chewed bones. Otherwise, the final paragraph of the section on Crafting pyre ships will be missing, and page 21 of the book will be blank even if the rest of the training has been completed. You will also need to speak to Otto again after burning the bones.

The Assist system cannot be used to burn pyre ships you do not have the appropriate levels for.

Log Crafting
Number of Bones/Ashes
receiving additional
Prayer experience[1]
11 Logs Normal logs 10 40 1
11 Achey tree logs Achey tree logs 10 40 1
25 Oak logs Oak logs 15 60 2
40 Willow logs Willow logs 22.5 90 2
45 Teak logs Teak logs 26.2 105 3
52 Arctic pine logs Arctic pine logs 31.2 125 3
55 Maple logs Maple logs 33.7 135 3
60 Mahogany logs Mahogany logs 39.3 157.5 4
68 Eucalyptus logs Eucalyptus logs 42 171 4
70 Yew logs Yew logs 50.6 202.5 4
85 Magic logs Magic logs 75.9 303.8 5
99 Elder logs Elder logs 109 435 6
  1. ^ From chewed bones only


  • If you attempt to light a fire using a crystal bow, a message will appear saying: "The bow resists all attempts to light the fire. It seems that the sentient tools of the elves don't approve of you burning down forests."
  • If you attempt using a dark bow, a message will appear saying: "The innate darkness of the bow sucks all the heat from your firemaking attempt. You realise that this type of bow is useless for firelighting."
  • If you attempt to use an ogre bow, a message will appear saying: "This bow is vast, clumsy, and most of a tree. You realise that this type of bow is useless for firelighting."
  • Attempting to use any other bow that cannot be used for Barbarian Firemaking, including recoloured and augmented dark bows, will simply result in the message: "Nothing interesting happens."
  • If you're in a bank and you use a log on an unstrung bow, the game will say "You can't light a fire here", but if you leave the bank and try it again, it'll say "Nothing interesting happens." This also works when using a bowstring on an already strung bow.
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