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Barbarian Herblore is part of the Barbarian Training taught to players by Otto Godblessed. Before learning this section, the player needs at least level 4 Herblore. Talk to Otto to learn about the barbarian potion making. You will be asked to make an Attack mix from a two-dose Attack potion. Add the roe you obtained during barbarian fishing to the normal 2-dose attack potion and hand it back to Otto.

After finishing this training stage, many other potions can be enhanced by adding roe or caviar to a 2 dose variant of the potions. The Barbarian Herblore technique, through the creation of "barbarian mixes", allows mixes to not only provide the regular benefits of that potion but to also heal 300 or 600 life points.

Enhancing potions

First the player must have a two dose vial of a particular potion. (To make 2 two dose potions from a four dose potion, use the four dose potion on an empty vial or have certain NPC's do it for you.) The player must then add either some roe or caviar to the two dose potion, which will create a mix. Note that roe cannot be used in mixes higher levelled than the Stat restore mix; any higher level mix requires caviar.

When the mix is consumed it will not only grant the regular benefits but it will also heal 300 or 600 life points. Mixes therefore count as food and drinking them will interrupt combat in the same way as eating food does.

Potion LP healed Herblore level required XP gained Eggs used
Attack mix (2) Attack mix 300 4 8 Roe Roe or Caviar Caviar
Ranging mix (2) Ranging mix 300 5 8 Roe Roe or Caviar Caviar
Magic mix (2) Magic mix 300 7 8 Roe Roe or Caviar Caviar
Strength mix (2) Strength mix 300 9 17 Roe Roe or Caviar Caviar
Relicym's mix (2) Relicym's mix 300 9 14 Roe Roe or Caviar Caviar
Defence mix (2) Defence mix 600 11 25 Caviar Caviar
Antipoison mix (2) Antipoison mix 300 15 1.2 Roe Roe or Caviar Caviar
Restore mix (2) Restore mix 300 24 21 Roe Roe or Caviar Caviar
Energy mix (2) Energy mix 300 29 23 Caviar Caviar
Agility mix (2) Agility mix 600 37 27 Caviar Caviar
Combat mix (2) Combat mix 300 40 28 Caviar Caviar
Prayer mix (2) Prayer mix 600 42 29 Caviar Caviar
Super attack mix (2) Super attack mix 600 47 33 Caviar Caviar
Anti-p supermix (2) Super anti-poison mix 600 51 35 Caviar Caviar
Fishing mix (2) Fishing mix 600 53 38 Caviar Caviar
Super energy mix (2) Super energy mix 600 56 39 Caviar Caviar
Hunting mix (2) Hunting mix 600 58 40 Caviar Caviar
Super strength mix (2) Super strength mix 600 59 42 Caviar Caviar
Magic essence mix (2) Magic essence mix 600 61 43 Caviar Caviar
Super restore mix (2) Super restore mix 600 67 48 Caviar Caviar
Super defence mix (2) Super defence mix 600 71 50 Caviar Caviar
Antidote+ mix (2) Antidote+ mix 600 74 52 Caviar Caviar
Antifire mix (2) Antifire mix 600 75 53 Caviar Caviar
Super ranging mix (2) Super ranging mix 600 80 54 Caviar Caviar
Super magic mix (2) Super magic mix 600 83 57 Caviar Caviar
Zamorak mix (2) Zamorak mix 600 85 58 Caviar Caviar
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