Gunnarsgrunn mining site
Barb Village mining site
Release date 4 January 2001 (Update)
Also known as Barbarian mine, Gunnars Mine
Location The centre of Gunnarsgrunn
Members No
Monsters Barbarian (level-15) Barbarian (level-10) Barbarian (level-9)
Requirements None
Main music Barbarianism
Barbarian Village mining site location

The Gunnarsgrunn mine is a mining site containing coal and tin rocks, located inside Gunnarsgrunn, (also known as the Barbarian Village). Barbarians surround the mine (although do not interact with it). The centre of the mine contains a hole to the Stronghold of Security. There is a spot south of the village that contains clay.

The mine is generally considered a poor mine because its decently close proximity to Edgeville bank makes it over popular for coal, while the tin rocks are mostly unused. There are also no copper rocks to use in conjunction with tin, or any other ores that can be used to smelt with the coal. Powermining is usually not an option.

After the major graphics overhaul on 20 February 2006, the barbarians were aggressive to any players who mined any ores, creating many problems for low-levelled skillers. However, after the Stronghold of Security was added on 4 July 2006, they are no longer aggressive unless talked to.

The mine is one of four mines located within a town or city, the others being in Port Khazard, Miscellania and Rellekka.

Usage for Crafting

The clay rock mine, at the south point of the town, is helpful for training Crafting at low levels. One can use the clay on the well in the town to create soft clay. Then, using the Potter's wheel and Pottery oven also in the town, one can perform pottery.


Three banks are near the site, the Edgeville bank, the Grand Exchange, and the Varrock western bank. The latter seems to be the nearest of all three, however players that are making a last trip to make money off of coal or tin should go directly to the Grand Exchange and use the bankers there. There is also a bank deposit box in the dwarven mine that can be used, but is not suggested.

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