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Bard Roberts is a musician located in The Rusty Anchor in Port Sarim, and in The Other Inn in Mos Le'Harmless. He sings songs about the pirate quests the player has completed. He can sing about Pirate's Treasure, Rum Deal, Cabin Fever, The Great Brain Robbery, Rocking Out, and A Clockwork Syringe. He performs along with his penguin, Flippers McGraw, and his companion, Stanky Morgan; together called "Bard Roberts and the Stanky Penguins". The songs are performed on a boat, to which the player is replaying the various things Roberts sings about. The songs are often quite short, and with a Pirate's accent. He was voiced by Mod Liono. The regular music he plays as a musician is a remix of Norse Code.

If a player listenes to his music or rests near him, they will realise that the song he's singing is the same Bill Blakey is singing.

His name is a play on the pirate Bart Roberts.

There is no need to open the door and go inside to rest, just sit right behind him on other side of the wall.

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